About me

I’m an expert writer who has answered so many online questions that my fingers are blistered.

My name is Michael E. You could say I’m one of those people who always have their fingers in a few pies. Ever since my dad passed away four years ago (and left me with his literary legacy), I’ve been juggling my time between writing articles for the online world, working as a freelance journalist for two major news agencies in London, taking care of myself so that I can stay healthy enough to keep going – all while trying to take some time for love…

But it didn’t come easy. A lot had to be sacrificed along the way: friends, family, even relationships – they all have their price.

As if living between two worlds wasn’t hard enough, I’ve also been battling with my own demons (which is why I kind of suck at relationships), but that’s another story.

I tend to be a bit of an introvert (I know: the irony) but believe me, underneath this layer of shyness, there’s a strong man with much more to offer than you can imagine.

If you want to learn more about me, dig deeper into my blog! You can also check out my writing portfolio and see my work on Twitter.