5 Appliance Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Are you a homeowner looking for ways to maintain expensive appliances without breaking the bank? An appliance like an air conditioner or refrigerator can cost you hundreds of dollars each year in electric and maintenance costs.

You can decrease out of pocket expenses by making appliance maintenance a regular part of your home cleaning routine. Read on to learn five maintenance tips for appliances that every homeowner should know!

1. Clean Refrigerator Coils

Unlike most appliances in your home, your refrigerator is operating 24 hours of every day! With an average life span of 13 years, keeping up with your fridge maintenance is crucial to making it last longer.

Over time, the coils at the bottom of your fridge can clog because of dirt and dust. This can prevent the free flow of air into your system. This makes your refrigerator work harder to do the same job as when the coils were clear. Keep your coils clean by using a vacuum to collect all the debris stuck to your coils!

2. Clear Out Dryer Exhaust

Your clothes washer and dryer are home appliances that you may use at least a couple of times each week. As you dry your clothes and sheets, pieces of cotton and other clothing fibers loosen from these items and must exit your system.

Your dryer exhaust can become clogged with lint and other debris. This can cause the hoses outside of your system to become less efficient over time. Loosen the clamps on your dryer hoses to pull out lint and make sure you keep them clean!

3. Replace Your A/C Filter

If you are wondering how to maintain appliances, you should always start by thinking of the best ways to extend the life of your appliance. Your air conditioning is crucial to maintaining the comfort level in your home. 

Besides hiring a professional to perform annual maintenance of your system, you should replace your A/C filter every 90 days! 

4. Sharpen Disposal Blades

Do you enjoy the luxury of having a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink? If so, you have a useful appliance you’ll want to preserve for long-term use. Besides your disposal’s motor, the sharpness of its blades is what matters.

You can sharpen your blades while refreshing your system by freezing lemon slices in water. Once these cubes are frozen, drop them at your disposal in the on position. Your blades will sharpen and have a more pleasant scent!

5. Freshen Up Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is always cleaning dirty cups, silverware, and other kitchenware. This makes it prone to having unpleasant odors and build-up of debris.

You will improve the smell of your washer by putting one cup of vinegar into your appliance and running it through a cleaning cycle. Plan to do this at least once a month, while the washer is empty!

Wrapping Up: The Best Appliance Maintenance Tips

The best appliance maintenance tips are the ones that keep them running smoothly and efficiently for a longer period. By performing even the simplest maintenance tasks on your systems, you can keep more money in your pocket while you enjoy your appliances.

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