How to approach someone on linkedin for a job

How to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online platform that can be accessed through its website or app. It was developed for professionals from varied business sectors, and it’s a fantastic place to connect and socialize with other professionals, discuss and share ideas.

On this impressive platform, employers and recruitment agencies can advertise their vacancies. Subsequently, by creating a LinkedIn profile, job seekers can apply to varied opportunities.

Why should you create a LinkedIn profile?

Designed for professionals, you will have instant access to new business developments and other career-related opportunities. You will be able to connect with users with business and professional profiles similar to yours. You can get an idea about other careers and maybe that will lead to a change in your career entirely. Have I mentioned that it is also free?

Professionals here share their success stories, tips to improve in business or career. This is beneficial for everyone as new things can be learnt and applied to their own professional development.

If you are looking for new career opportunities and want to improve your job hunting chances creating a LinkedIn profile is essential. You will get instant information about new postings and you can get in touch with the advertisers.

How to create a basic LinkedIn profile

A basic LinkedIn profile is free to create. There are some premium features that can be unlocked when paying a subscription. A basic profile is, however, offering a multitude of options that may well be what most users actually need.

To create your profile:

  1. Open your browser and search for the LinkedIn website.
  2. You will be prompted to write your email address and create your password.
  3. Enter your full name
  4. Create your profile (location, workplace, job name, interests etc.)
  5. Use a professional summary builder like Beep2B

How Beep2B can help build a professional and compelling profile

Beep2B has a free LinkedIn Profile Summary Builder that will help you create a captivating profile that will persuade employers and recruiters to get in contact with you and discuss your potential.

This builder makes your summary with a clear focus on what employers want, thus setting your profile apart from other potential job seekers. It only takes a few minutes for you to create this summary by simply following their instructions.

Beep2b – LinkedIn profile summary builder

How to approach someone on LinkedIn for a job

When you decide what type of job you would like to go for, you need to start building a strong network. Add to your network only recruiters related to your desired career path. Check their business connections to add other relevant profiles.

When they accept your request you may start messaging. All you need to do now is to look for the right opportunities and keep your account updated. Remember to create your weekly alerts for your desired outcome.

When a recruiter approaches you, make sure that you answer in a timely manner even if it isn’t the right job for you. Politely explain your decision. Your details might be passed from them to other recruiters through their networks.

There is a paid option (LinkedInPremium) to increase your visibility to potential employers, which can enhance your LinkedIn experience. You will have more communication options and wider access to HR professionals and recruiters.