12 Places Where You Can Get Great Area Rugs On A Tight Budget

Nowadays hunting for cheap items like area rugs can both be fun and a hassle. There are many stores offering budget price rugs but other these are rugs you’d think twice before adding it to your home. 

A bargain doesn’t always have to mean crappy, awful design. In order to help you find the best rugs that fit the budget, we’ve compiled a shortlist of places that sell cheap rugs.

Best Place To Buy Affordable Rugs:

1. Online Stores

In today’s internet-centric world, it’s no surprise to find lots of online rug stores selling rugs of all price ranges. You can find cheap rugs for under $50 and ridiculously pricey rugs that can cost you thousands.

Here are some of the best places you can buy rugs from online: 

  1. Amazon
  2. Target
  3. Walmart
  4. Rugs USA
  5. Payless Rugs
  6. Wayfair
Area rug blue colors

Buying any stuff online has it’s pros and cons, here’s a few of them.

Pros of Buying Rugs from Online Stores:

  • Ships to your door – no worries about transport or having to carry a ginormous 10 x 14 rug on your own.
  • All choices are viewable – another perk of buying online is you’ll be able to see all color and style options. Everything is at your fingertips. You can browse hundreds of rugs while relaxing on a couch or as you laze around in your bed.
  • Convenient – whether it’s the quick payment to deliver, buying from online stores saves you a lot of time, gas, and effort. No more driving through traffic and walking for hours on trying to find a rug that fits the budget.

Cons of Buying from Online Stores:

  • You can’t check the quality – one downside of buying from a store on the internet is not being able to actually see the product as it is. You may end up buying a rug that looks awesome on the picture only to receive a totally different looking item. 
  • Hard to return if ever there are defects – another big downside of buying online is returning the product. You may buy a rug that has defects.  You’d want to return it to the seller to get a refund or a replacement. Returning a product is not easy, you may encounter unresponsive sellers, or the store may not accept returns. 

Tips When Buying from Online Stores :

  • Choose only reputable stores – don’t go for less-known stores that have little to even zero reviews. Always check the feedback of previous customers when buying a rug (this goes for any product online)
  • Read the terms and conditions – make sure you read the terms and conditions of the online platform where you’re purchasing the rug from. Failure to do this will end up with inconvenience later if ever you’d want to return your bought product.
  • Read the product description – this is especially vital if you or your family have allergic reactions to certain fibers or products. 

2. Brick and Mortar Stores

If shopping online is not your thing you may consider buying cheap rugs from well-known stores like Walmart, Home Depot, or Target. Large department and retail stores can be a good hunting ground for rug discount sales. 

Here are some great stores to buy rugs from:

  1. Home Depot
  2. T.J Maxx
  3. Homegoods
  4. Big Lots
  5. Target
  6. Walmart
Area rug in a nice decorated room

Like online stores, buying from your usual store has it’s pros and cons, here are a few:

Pros of Buying From a Physical Store

  • You can check the quality – one of the best perks of buying from an actual shop is the fact that you can see the product on hand. You’ll be able to test the material, the color, and the size of the rug.
  • You can haggle – for certain stores, you can haggle to get a lower price for the rug you want.
  • You talk to actual people – when you’re buying a rug from actual stores you interact with people face to face. This means that you can expect a little bit more of better customer service compared to buying online. You can also ask questions regarding the rug such as material, cleaning do’s and don’ts, etc.

Cons of Buying From a Physical Store

  • Not always convenient – going to a store requires time and effort, and if you’re a working individual you may not have the time to go out. You’d have to go to the store, either by car or taking public transport. 
  • You may not find what you want – online stores offer a greater selection of products compared to physical stores. Even if you find a rug you may like, the price may not be aligned with your budget.
Nice colors and model on an area rug

Quick Checklist To Help Make Your Rug Hunting Easier

  1. Know what rug size you need – before you go about your rug hunting, it’s important that you know what rug size you need.  This will make your rug search quicker.
  2. Know what material you’re looking for – are you looking for synthetic or natural fiber rugs? What texture do you want your rug to have (smooth or shaggy?)
  3. Jotting down the style or design – if you can’t figure out just yet what style you want, you can start with the color. Especially if you have a specific theme in the room where you’ll place the rug in.

Finding The Perfect Rug

Whether you prefer the layback style of shopping or going to actual stores, finding the area rug that suits your home and budget is not  hard. All you need is a quick checklist, the right store and you’re good to go.