Avast VPN review – Pros and Cons using Avast

Avast VPN review will be very helpful for those who want online freedom as we have tried to put together the pros and cons regarding this product.

Pros – Avast VPN

When you use a VPN, your information is protected, everywhere and all the time. The Internet is becoming unsafe so keeping data under wraps with this digital tool is very important. It acts as a cloud to hide your information from the rest of the Internet users.

Avast SecureLine is one of the Avast products offering basic VPN services. It comes with antivirus and other tools for data protection.

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Avast VPN review - A VPN acts like a padlock
Avast VPN review – A VPN acts like a padlock

It is also part of Avast Software, an organization from the Czech Republic. This VPN has been considered among the best ones since its first launch in 1998.

Its tools and applications have made it a very useful alternative when it comes to keeping important information safe.

However, many users didn’t know about Avast VPN until recently. Most users started to make use of it to secure their communications, accessing a bit of news and world events while travelling.

It is well-known that this tool is of great help for those who run their business online.

But, similar to web hosting, the perfect VPN service doesn’t exist.

It’s like navigating in a world of trustworthy but useless information because it may be difficult to understand for many.

If you are a man or woman of the world, who likes traveling and who are running a business, Avast SecureLine is perfect for you, especially if you reside in the United States, considering that this VPN provides good usability and it’s available at an unaffordable price.

Avast SecureLine VPN - your online privacy is protected
Avast SecureLine VPN – your online privacy is protected

Maybe, it’s a little weak program for people who travel to firewalled countries on a regular basis.

In general and before going into further details about this VPN, Avast SecureLine is suitable if you are looking for privacy, if you don’t want to be geotargeted, and above all, if you are trying hard to keep your communications protected.

You can search for other reviews related to this topic all over the Internet; it can be useful for you at the moment of installing it and using it.

This article touches upon the pros and cons of Avast SecureLine based on the best reviewers’ experience. But again, opinions vary from person to person; you might as well do your research to get more insight if you wish.

AVAST SecureLine VPN has the typical functions of any other VPN. But some reviewers consider its best feature lies in its simplicity. It is viewed as one of the most user-friendly VPNs, which makes it perfect for beginners.

Avast SecureLine VPN - your online privacy is protected

Installation is very fast and easy; it can be finished in minutes. Other than that, once it’s installed, it will work perfectly and without “making so much noise” on your PC.

In case you are always travelling, AVAST VPN is the perfect option for you because it gets upgraded automatically; you won’t need to sit down and spend the time to upgrade it manually. When getting upgraded, this tool won’t ever slow down your connection and computer.

Also, the company offers you other no-hassle services you can harness to boost the security of your information. Keep reading; there are other advantages you should know about this VPN.

You can use it on multiple devices

Unlike other VPN providers which only focus on PCs and Macs, AVAST can run on other devices without a problem.

You can have it on your PC, or Smartphone. This is an option that all VPN providers should consider getting if they are seeking to keep the customers’ info safe at all times.

They should remember that this world is different from the one of the ’70s or ’50s when people weren’t so much on the go like today. Now, consumers prefer taking their smartphones with them because it’s more practical and space-saving.

Avast SecureLine VPN - your online privacy is not protected
Avast SecureLine VPN – your online privacy is not protected

AVAST VPN is not hard to use on devices. You can get instantly connected to a server without doing so much, just by tapping a button. Avast’s interface allows you to find the best server location for you.

Additionally, Avast SecureLine applications won’t slow your device, so you won’t have any problems with speed and performance. This is also advantageous for travellers who usually have to deal with slower Internet speeds while being away.

Geographically diverse servers

AVAST Vpn doesn’t count on a huge number of servers, but it does have servers around the world, in the six continents, and that’s enough.

Altogether, it has over 29 server locations, placed strategically in 21 countries. Seven of the best and largest servers are located in the United States, in some of the most important cities like Seattle and Miami, making ideal for American users.

If a VPN has a huge number of servers, then it’s a good provider that runs at a good speed without lagging. Wi-Fi in hotels is not reliable because it tends to be quite slow, but a VPN like Avast can solve this problem.

Avast has servers around the world
Avast has servers around the world

Minimal interference

Avast guarantees that you can work on your device and computer with no interference at all. The installation is very easy. It just takes a few seconds to be downloaded and a couple of minutes for installation. It runs smoothly on your pc.

Also, it doesn’t affect the space available in your hard disc significantly, which means it doesn’t interfere with your files and programs in general. The computer app stays minimized when not in use.

Avast SecureLine VPN - Settings
Avast SecureLine VPN – Settings

You just have to click on the icon if you need any changes. As said before, you will probably forget the application is there.

But the most remarkable advantage of having this app is that it doesn’t bog down your pc or device. It’s not a big program that takes up a lot of space to keep you protected. Avast VPN won’t hold you back while doing any work on the computer or Smartphone.

Streamlined for use

This VPN is seen as a download-and-go application. It’s simple to use and contains clean security tools which are no way complicated to operate. It runs the same way on both, computers and devices. You receive a code to activate the VPN once you download it.

Avast is a basic VPN with barebones features, so you won’t need to worry about technical terms and something like that. It has a pull-down menu with an array of servers and another menu from which you can select your language options.

Its simplicity is incredible, it’s ideal for consumers with little knowledge about computers.

Phone customer support

Customer service is hard to judge because it depends on the experience of each individual. Companies know that customer support is very important in the industry, thus the huge investment in it.

Avast VPN review - Customer service
Avast VPN review – Customer service

In the case of Avast, they provide information through their forums, which may not be the right thing but they do it because the VPN is simple and knowledgebase.

Despite this, they also count on something that other competitors don’t, phone support.

You will have phone support with this Anti-virus VPN at any time. Avast gets a win in this aspect.

Disadvantages of using Avast VPN – Avast VPN review

Avast may be one of the easiest VPNs to use in the market but it also means there are some primary cons like speed and security. 

The fact of being user-friendly allows users to learn how VPNs work to protect their files and networks. But owing to the fact that Avast doesn’t have many security features, it may not be suitable for consumers who are looking for an easy and safer VPN.

You will need to pay for the security of each of your devices separately. That’s not convenient for someone with more than two devices.

Although Avast has an excellent encryption system, it’s not listed among the safest VPNs. One of Avast’s policies states that they would check your Internet activity in a case that they suspect that some of your records are affecting its service.

That’s not the only drawback to having this VPN though.


When Avast SecureLine was launched, the initial price was $79.99 per year and per device.

It is more expensive than other VPN providers. However, you can try out another promotion which comes to $35.88, a more reasonable price (for a 3 year subscription).

Apart from that, you will need to purchase separate licenses for your devices and its pricing is very restricted.

Avast SecureLine VPN - pick a plan that works for you - 1 to 5 devices
Avast SecureLine VPN – pick a plan that works for you – 1 to 5 devices

So, you have three purchase options:

  • $3.99 / month – $47.88 / year
  • $2.99 / month -> $71.76 / 2 years
  • $2.99 / month -> $107.64 / 3 years

3.99 dollars monthly or pay 47.88 dollars for the first year. You can also opt for an extra option, which offers you a two or three-year license.

Avast doesn’t have other purchase choices for customers besides the mentioned ones. If you decide on the monthly license, you will be spending much more money than if you choose the annual pay. You could be saving almost 40 dollars on a three-year license.

Avast VPN may be cheaper than Express VPN but it turns out quite expensive in this multi-device Internet usage era.

However, you can use its one-month free trial if you want to make sure it’s worth the money. They offer 30-day money-back guarantee.

Restricted license

As said above, you will need to pay for each license. It doesn’t count on a multi-device coverage from a single license purchase like other VPN services.

Avast VPN review - tablet license
Avast VPN review – tablet license

But that’s not the only problem here. It gets too expensive, especially if you want to get it installed on more than two devices: PC, Smartphone, and a tablet.

What did others say about Avast VPN?



  • Top 10 Download Speed,
  • Well Encrypted and Secure,
  • Torrenting Is Allowed,
  • No Logs Policy,
  • Fast Customer Support through Call Center,
  • Great Usability on Both Desktop and Mobile,
  • They Found No DNS, IP or WebRTC Leaks


  • Potential AdWare Found,
  • No Router Support,
  • Does Not Work With Netflix,
  • Czech Republic (Bad Jurisdiction)

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