Benefits of elevator shoes | Formal shoes to increase height

There are times when a man or a woman would like to look taller. For example, when having their photos taken amongst a group of other people, for an interview, a TV show, or to gain confidence on a day out.

Height increasing shoes are a simple, elegant, and fashionable way to gain a good few inches in your stature. The elevator shoes combined with a classy outfit, a confident countenance will visibly make anyone appear taller.

The benefits of elevator shoes

Wearing shoe lifts has a beneficial effect on the shoe wearer, boosting confidence almost instantly.

When women wear high heels, they feel more in control, empowered, and sexier at the same time. For example, going to an interview, wearing heels gives an air of confidence and self-sufficiency that is also felt by the wearer.

The benefits of heigh increasing shoes are:

  • Better physical posture: The wearer will stand upright with a more defined straight line of the back.
  • Height increase: depending on the shoe model chosen, the user will be visibly heightened with few inches.
  • Corrects leg asymmetry: custom made elevator shoes (as an example, handcrafted in Italy by shoe craftsmen at the advice of an orthopedic doctor). These shoes will fit only to the wearer according to their uniques sizing and specifications, thus managing to fill the gap in postural symmetry.
  • Feeling empowered: The posture and height change will give a sense of authority.
  • Standing out of the crowd: Superior-quality custom made heightening shoes are elegant and will complete the look of the finest designer outfit.
Elevator shoes for men

Men’s formal shoes to increase height

Formal shoes are the most worn type of shoes used by men everywhere. It’s the staple item to complete the office outfit (or similar jobs that require formal clothing such as teachers, lecturers, managers, politicians, plain-clothed police officers, actors, and so on).

When height seems a hindrance to the person involved, a quick and easy fix is provided by wearing height increasing insoles or shoes. 

Wearing these men’s formal shoes on an evening out or at a special event benefits the individual’s general appearance. For instance, shorter men will look great next to their taller girlfriends, partners, or wives.

The wedding day photo will stand out for the right reasons rather than showing the groom dwarfed by his beautiful bride.

The best elevator shoes

The most suitable shoes are the ones that fit the wearer’s feet perfectly, remain comfortable over extended hours, and add a classy look.

There are plenty of materials used for men’s shoes, such as leather, suede, vegan leather, canvas, or other innovative fabrics. These are used to create unique shoes to suit every need:

  • snickers and slip-on for a sporty individual
  • loafers and moccasins for day to day casual wear
  • formal shoes to complete a work suit or a dress-up occasion
  • lace-up or combat style boots for a refreshing and carefree look
  • boots suitable for city wear
  • sandals to wear under the hot Summer sun
  • luxury and exotic leather shoes to suit all tastes
Guidomaggi elevator shoes for men

Where to buy elevator shoes

The best place to look for this type of shoe is in a professional shoe store. In here, you will find models to suit every size and fashion style and competent shop assistants to cater to each customer.

When looking for a more personalized experience, checking the Italian shoe market is a must. Italian shoemakers are famous worldwide for keeping in with the traditional methods mixed with the latest innovations to provide exceptional shoes for all ages, genders, and sizes.

One of these labels is the well-known Italian brand Guidomaggi. The company prides itself on its footwear quality suitable for men and women, following its creator’s steps, whose shoes were worn by the local nobility.

This company stands up by offering a wide array of footwear styles as well as fine leather accessories that can be seen in its showrooms in Italy, Switzerland, and even in Tokyo, Japan. The best thing is that the company also sells its luxury shoes via its online shop

Elevator shoes can be found online on different websites and at various retailers. Before deciding where to buy such shoes from, it is worth considering that these shoes are intended to match the wearer’s style and size perfectly to avoid any visible disparities that might draw undesired attention from onlookers. For this, choosing a company that focuses on the client creating a personalized experience is imperative.