Best fantasy romance books – A review

Dear booklovers … or should I say adventure-seekers? It doesn’t matter for me, it’s the same thing if you are here to find out more about the best fantasy romance books.

”Sounds like this person is looking for something new and exciting” – these are the words that I hear over and over in my head. Don’t worry, you came to the right place. I assume that most of you love reading and spend most of their time devouring what they get their hands on, looking for new stories and worlds waiting to be discovered.

Others might just want to change their genre, try something different. With you guys, it’s simple.

We speak the same language … but there are some people that might not belong to the tribe and to them, I want to explain some terms before I begin to write a proper review and list a lot of books that maybe some of you haven’t even heard of (although they were bestsellers).

I just want to make sure that we speak the same language because I find it frustrating that when you read a book review and you don’t know the words used no one cares enough to explain them to you. There are some who do, but not many.

Best Fantasy Romance Books
Best Fantasy Romance Books

So, here I go, trying to make sure that everybody starts from scratch. For those who already know what fantasy romance is all about, you can skip this part, but please just have compassion for those of us who still struggle to understand. Thank you.

According to, the word fantasy means ”a state or situation that is not true or real” or in a more literary context ”a story that shows a lot of imagination and is very different from real life”. From here, we can clearly expect that a story which belongs to the fantasy genre should have supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, witches, people with magical powers and other things that wouldn’t be possible in the real life.

I find this pretty amazing because we all know that since the beginning of time people have tried to find a way to escape the boring world and probably that’s how they created fantasy, by using daydreaming. A way out from the routine and into the land of all possibilities.

There are a lot of subgenres of fantasy and the one we would focus on today is fantasy romance. The dictionary I have used before helps us again and tell us two definitions of romance ’’the feelings or behaviour typical of people who love each other” or  ”a book or film about a romantic relationship”.

If you were thinking right now what do these two terms presented have in common – now it’s the time to find out. I have already mentioned the subgenre they formed when they are put together, so I would like to dive deeper into it and explain clearly what it contains. Then, we can go further to the review. Shall we begin? I thought so.


Fantasy romance includes a lot of elements that are specific to the romantic genre – the focus is on relationships, no matter if they are social, political or romantic.

What I found interesting is that some publishers love to make distinctions only based on the way two words are put together. For instance, in ”romantic fantasy” the fantastic elements are the most important ones, while in ”fantasy romance”  the emphasis is on romantic elements.

I personally don’t like this view and in this review, we would put it aside. I just wanted to show you another perspective of looking at this problem.

I prefer those who say that the boundaries between these associations are pretty thick and almost non-existent, so we shouldn’t try to focus on what are the most important elements, but try to see them as a whole.

To be clear, I see fantasy romance as a subgenre in which both the romantic elements and the fantastic ones are equally important and from this view I would start to make recommendations, hoping that you, my reader, would understand why I chose this approach.

For me, it seemed the best approach to use since I agree that we can’t split a book into parts in order to count where the emphasis is. Usually, in these types of stories relationships are intertwined with the magic world or the supernatural creatures and it’s hard to say where romantic elements end and the others begin.

Now that I made you familiar with this topic, let’s see the books. I want to keep in mind that these are the stories I’ve personally read and I truly believe they were awesome and fit this genre.

I thought that this review should be authentic and not copied from what others said, so here is my sincere opinion. Feel free to disagree with me if you like, but try reading some of these books first – they might change your life.

Best Fantasy Romance Books


1. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare

Imagine living your normal life – going to school, having fun with your best friend … and then suddenly the world you thought you knew turns upside down.

That’s what happened to Clary Fray – she thought she was normal until the day she went to a party into the Pandemonium Club. There, she discovered that she has a gift of seeing people who are invisible to others called shadow hunters – warriors who protect human beings from demons.

Everything she once was familiar with is taken away from her – including Jocelyn: her mother.

Clary soon discovers that she is not as normal as she believed and with the help of Jace and other shadow hunters, she begins a quest in search for her beloved mother … but the secrets she would discover would break her heart into pieces … or will they?

If you are a fan of everything that includes supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, fairies, angels and others then this book may be the right one for you.

Trust me, it’s not devoid of romance because things start to spice up when Jace develops strong feelings for Clary and things beyond their control prevent this amazing love story from taking place. I would let you find out what happens with these two by reading this No. 1 New York Times Bestseller.

A book which would guarantee a beautiful escape from reality and it would make you see life in a different way. The characters would become your friends, I assure you … and sooner or later your room would disappear and you would live among shadow hunters and warlocks.

Cry and smile along with them … but most importantly, miss them. And this id just one of the best fantasy romance books.

2. The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

To participate in a competition for the heart of the prince is every girl’s dream, but for America Singer being selected is a burden.

She doesn’t want to live in the castle, wear sophisticated gowns and jewellery. For her, the life she has lived before coming to the castle was perfect – the love of her dreams was always there and now America has to give up on him and win the heart of an unknown Prince Maxon, who actually falls in love with her.

Thirty-five girls and only one crown – who will win, who will lose and what will happen to America Singer? – read this book to find out.

3. Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) by Richelle Mead

Lisa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway – best friends and partners in crime (just kidding) escaped from St. Vladimir’s Academy two years ago.

They enjoyed their freedom, but now they are caught and dragged back to university. Rose has to face the consequences and get on with Dimitri Belikov, another dhampir (half human- half Moroi) who is assessed to protect Lisa, a Moroi princess ( the mortal vampire with regal blood who can harness the Earth’s magic).

Strigoi are not as far as they believe, although everyone thinks the school is safe, problems start to gradually appear. Rose begins to develop strong feelings for Dimitri, despite the fact that she shouldn’t since he is her teacher.

A book with an interesting plot, twists and turns and many supernatural creatures might be your best choice on a   rainy day.

If you want to find whether Strigoi catches the vampires inside the academy, give it a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose, I guarantee!

4. Bloodlines (Bloodlines #1) by Richelle Mead

Sydney Sage is an alchemist – one of those who protect the secrets of vampires from humans.

Alchemists are known to hate Moroi and interaction with them is forbidden, but when Sydney is sent on a mission to protect Jill Dragomir – the sister of the new Moroi queen Lisa Dragomir, she finds herself in Palm Springs, having to interact with Adrian Ivashkov – an extremely annoying Moroi.

Everyone thinks that Jill would be safe in Palm Springs, living a normal life at school and having many people to guard her, but the truth is that dangers and Strigoi are hiding at every corner.

New feelings start to stir up, new problems and exciting adventures. What will happen to Sydney? Will she overcome her repulsion towards vampires? Will Jill be caught by Strigoi?

Dive into Sydney’s life and discover vampires, alchemists, Strigoi, love, magic and much more in this enchanting and fascinating story that would make your heart beat 10 times faster.

5. Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh Mafi

Imagine having a power that could kill people only if you touched them. Awesome right? Well, not really.

Juliette is locked up in a cage by the Reestablishment because the last time she touched someone she was accused of murder. Everything changes when she gets a new cellmate called Adam and her touch doesn’t affect him.

Moreover, the head of the Reestablishment offers Juliette the choice to get out of the asylum where she is locked up and become their weapon. What will she choose? Life in a cell or becoming a weapon for evil?

Only reading will make you find out. As far as I’m concerned, I think this book is beautiful and interesting because it shows a different kind of romance and it creates a picture of fantasy never seen before.

I hope you will care enough to give it a try.

6. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Imagine having a normal life, being popular, expecting to go to a party and then coming home the next day.

For Samantha Kingston, it wasn’t like that. February 12 was supposed to be her last day on Earth or was it? She died in a car accident and then…woke up the next day, relieved the February 12 for seven more times in order to change her life before going into the light.

This best-selling novel offers you the opportunity to view your journey in a new light, learn some valuable lessons and appreciate those around you while travelling along with Samantha in this unexpected turn of events.

7. Eve (Eve #1) by Anna Carey

America has been rebuilt after a disease that destroyed most of its population.Eve is one of the orphans that studies at school, hoping that graduation would offer her a chance to get the job she wants in New America.

The truth she discovers one night is both shocking and heartbreaking, determining Eve to escape the only life she’s ever known, away from the lies the school has always told her and adventure into the wild, searching for a place where she can survive.

In this journey, Eve meets Caleb and she soon starts to fall in love with him…but no love story is safe when the soldiers come to hunt you down.

Spread your wings and fly while living the emotional turmoil of Eve in this amazing story written by Anna Carey.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that each one of these books would leave you breathless and hungry for more and you would question why you haven’t read them until now.

So, what are you waiting for? Open one of the best fantasy romance books and start a new adventure. Be curious to discover a magnificent world of stories and plot twists never seen before. Trust me, it’s worth it.