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Cleaning and disinfection recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic

This pandemic has put almost everyone at the risk of getting infected. If you’re young and in good physical shape, there are significantly fewer chances of you showing any symptoms. However, if you have someone old in your house, you might unintentionally transmit the virus. Someone who recently visited your property could be positive. Without …

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Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China

China is a country with a massive potential for personal and professional development. It’s no wonder that many students and experienced professionals decide to take the leap and start a new teaching career in this incredible country. Teaching English in China is a good idea for young graduates in search of their professional identity. This …

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What Gives An NFT Value?

What gives an NFT value? As someone without prior NFT experience, you might ask this question. After all, Famed NFT artist Beeple sold their EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS for almost $70 million in 2021.  Without the following factors, NFTs will never gain value. Read on as we discuss them below: Utility NFT value depends …

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