Why should you buy art prints?

Looking back in the history of art, as one of the oldest art forms, people started to duplicate images several thousand years ago. Prehistoric bones, cave walls, and stones have been found with engraved designs.

The art print is a modern way in which less known artists can get recognition quicker and sell their illustrations to a wider range of customers. Whilst some art prints are copies after famous artists, a high number of prints are fresh, modern, and linked with our day to day reality.

Buying an art print is less expensive than other art items however, if the artist becomes well-known, these art prints can increase their value just like any other objects of art. It might well be that something that you bought solely to bring a bit of color into your home or office, becomes in a few years a high-value item in your possession.

Art print - watercolor

What are art prints

Art prints are a new affordable way to decorate a home or an office in a fashionable and stylish way. Far from being tacky, as some might assume, art prints come in various forms and cover a multitude of topics, thus making them suitable for any themed decor.

Art prints are printed copies of real original paintings and illustrations made by an artist. They could be printed on:

  • Canvas
  • Paper (rag or watercolor)
  • Other high-quality printing paper
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Acrylic Glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Magnets.
Art print - church by the river

An art print is not a poster. The difference is in the quality of the material printed on, the richness of the various shades and colors that are direct representations of the original work created by the artist.

Illustration art prints are suitable to decorate around the house, a child’s nursery, a bedroom, or a kitchen. Moreover, they will be highly appreciated by all generations, especially when a certain favorite topic is covered.

Art prints are a fantastic way to decorate a classroom and open the students’ mind to new possibilities. These prints could be addressed to fashion and art, modern languages, sociology, drama or any other departments.

Artistic print art on the wall

Artistic prints for sale

If you decide to buy a good quality art print, look online for websites and blogs belonging directly to the artists. In this way you will show appreciation to their creativity and you might even be able to personalise your desired print on a certain theme.

For example, Doria Adoukè, a young artist based in London, uses her multi-cultural life experience to create unique illustrations depicting women with different cultural backgrounds. 

Her work is vibrant, easy to the eye, and brings into perspective the importance of representation of diverse women in art. These art prints are an amazing way to celebrate the existent diversity in our fast-changing world.

Artists like Doria, can transform your photos in custom illustrations and even create custom Christmas cards. 

By contacting the artist directly, you might find that your search for quality art prints may bring other quality art pieces into your attention that may prove the best gift for you and for any other occasion.