Calendar app that syncs with Outlook and Google

Calendar app that syncs with Outlook and Google

If you want to schedule, track, and reflect on your personal and professional life events from anywhere, you need to use a calendar app. No matter if you are away on your phone, on a tablet or at the office, or home on your computer. This digital journal should be easily updated and changed as you wish and when you need it. 

Technology is evolving faster than we can perceive, and new apps are continually appearing. To simplify our lives, we try to keep as many as possible in one place.

Did you try to import your Google calendar into Outlook? This way, you can see it in the Outlook Calendar View, alongside other calendars. I suppose that you already did this on your phone and your computer.

While technology can be impressive, it’s incredible that we still struggle with syncing two email systems. The issues are not entirely solved if we think about G Suite syncing with MS Outlook. Our options get limited when we want to sync between the Google and Microsoft ecosystems.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to use a desktop app that integrates both and makes your work more accessible even when you are offline? All is happening on your Windows desktop.

Google Calendar, Office365 Calendar on Windows Desktop

If your internet connection is down, you can plan your calendar and to-do list offline. Everything you prepared will be automatically uploaded when you are back online.

Google Calendar, Office 365 calendar, and iCloud calendar can sync (two-way synchronization is supported) with this calendar app. The events and the to-do list are displayed with a transparent background on the Windows desktop. 

Additionally, it can show the 5-day local weather forecast (using Location Services – based on your current location); moreover, the user can customize the background and the font. You can customize your app skin as you like, in addition to multiple other skins supported by default by the system.

To arrange your schedules, you can use drag&drop and deal efficiently with scheduled events that occur repeatedly (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). I’m talking about SyncGo By DeskWare.

SyncGo homepage printscreen

Pros of using SyncGo By DeskWare

  • safe & secure
  • low cost
  • satisfaction guarantee
  • friendly support
  • easy to use
  • support multiple calendar services
  • skins and customization

Your work, your calendar data are stored in files locally. The synchronization with the remote calendar services is made over SSL to ensure data integrity and a secure transfer. 

SyncGo Desktop Calendar supports CalDAV (Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV), an Internet standard that allows remote client access to scheduling information on a server. RFC 4791 defines the access protocol, and it extends WebDAV specification using the iCalendar format for data.

If you choose to go for it, you can benefit from a 30-day free trial period giving you the peace of mind needed before placing an order. The company provides good quality services at lower prices compared to some of its competitors.


Keeping two or more different calendars can be a waste of time. There are, of course, situations when this is necessary. For example, you have two jobs and two different calendars. Or, you want to keep them separate, one for work and one for your private life.

In rest, you would want to see the events in both calendars together and keep them synced. For that reason, you need a third-party tool, a calendar app that syncs with Outlook and Google.