12 Excellent Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Most Americans don’t understand basic vehicle maintenance. Did you know a lot of expensive car repairs can get prevented with simple maintenance repairs? If you want some vehicle maintenance tips, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over things you should watch out for in your car. Add these maintenance tasks to your checklist, and avoid expensive repair jobs.

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Clean Your Vehicle

You should spend time cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle. You might think this isn’t that important. Yet, if you ever want to sell your vehicle and get a new one, you want it to look in good shape.

You can keep your vehicle’s paint job in good shape by cleaning off dirt or debris. If you need to drive clients around for work, you will definitely want to clean your vehicle’s interior and secure good quality car seat covers.

Try going through the car wash once or twice a month. Vacuum the interior of your vehicle, and wash the car mats. Keep a little garbage bag or can in your car.

If you don’t have time or need help cleaning your vehicle, consider getting it professionally detailed.

Touch-up Paint

If you own a car, you should also be prepared for the fact that it will probably get scratched and the paint might chip. Over time, these can happen and could be worrisome, but touch-up paint can fix them

If you know the right paint for your car, you can apply paint right away. But if unsure, you may ask a professional to identify the right paint for a touch-up.

Usually, the vehicle information sticker, which can be found on the dashboard or side door jam of some car brands, includes the car paint code or name. However, other brands make it more difficult to find the paint code, and there are some specific paint codes for a particular car model or production year. 

You also need to identify the right applicator for touching up paint. Use a pen applicator for small chipped paints or scratches; for larger ones, use a brush applicator. The paint touch-up must be immediately applied to chipping paint as soon as it is noticed to avoid rust.

Are Your Spare Tires in Decent Shape?

Many car owners will forget about the spare tires in the vehicle. They won’t check them or inspect the pressure.

You should make sure the backup tire remains well-inflated. You won’t have to worry about a flat tire if you need to use it.

To avoid getting a flat spare tire, you should check the air pressure in the tires once a month. You should also review the pressure in your driving tires to know when things are getting low.

What About Oil Changes?

You shouldn’t forget about oil changes. Oil problems can turn into super expensive repair problems.

You might wonder why, but it’s because the oil will affect various car functions. You should spend the money on the oil change and avoid burning out your engine.

What About the Battery?

Over time, corrosion will begin to form on the terminals of your vehicle battery. Look at keeping your battery in decent shape. If you don’t clean the battery, it could crack or not work well.

Don’t forget to clean your battery.

What About Brake Pads?

Brake pads are something to inspect if you end up hearing squeaks. Your brake pads might need to get replaced. Look at keeping them in good shape and avoiding car accidents.

A new set could cost a couple of hundred dollars. You will also need to cover the labor charge.

Are you wondering how to maintain your brakes? Make sure you check the fluid each time you change the oil.

You don’t want the brake fluid to appear dark. If so, you will need to schedule an appointment to replace them.

Don’t Forget the Air Filter

Keep the air filter clean. The air filter will prevent pollutants from entering your vehicle through the vents.

An old filter can last longer than its typical lifespan. But if you don’t treat it well, you’ll end up causing issues with your air conditioning system. A replacement of an AC unit could cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Time to Replace Windshield Wipers

Replacing your wipers will depend on the model and make of your vehicle.
Efficient wipers will keep you and your family safe on the road during a messy storm. If you can’t see the road, you could end up in an accident.

Do You Rotate Your Tires?

The four tires on your vehicle aren’t going to wear down the same way. Over time, the back or front wheels will wear out at different rates.

The roads and the speed you drive will impact the tires. You could extend the lifespan of your tires simply by rotating them.

What About the Struts, Springs, and Shocks?

The suspension system in your vehicle is another essential element. If you’re bumping more often, you might need to replace a shock or all four.

Most people will replace their complete suspension system at least every 30,000 miles.

Don’t Forget the Coolant

Another simple fix is to check the coolant. Otherwise, you could end up with corrosion inside your vehicle. The coolant will affect your water pump, radiator, AC, and heater.

For example, if there’s a leak, the engine could overheat and cause the head gasket to blow. You’ll need to look into a head gasket repair.

You shouldn’t skip the coolant maintenance since it affects many different parts. Look at checking the coolant at least twice a year. Do so before winter and summer hit.

Spark Plugs

You should also inspect your spark plugs. A lot of people are familiar with spark plugs. When your engine gives you issues, it’s typically because of the spark plugs.

Engine work tends to be expensive, but sparks only cost around 30 dollars. You can avoid an entire engine replacement by fixing the spark plugs.

Car Maintenance Tips You Should Remember

We hope this guide on car maintenance tips was helpful. Consider making up a vehicle maintenance schedule. You should change your oil, clean the air filter, and inspect the vehicle battery.

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