Make a Statement: Car Makeover Ideas to Rule the Road

Is your car black, white, gray, silver, blue, or red? If so, you might have a tough time getting it to stand out in the crowd!

These are some of the most popular car colors in the country right now. So you might want to think about painting your car a different color to make it slightly unique.

You might also want to kick around some other car makeover ideas. They’ll help take your car to the next level and ensure that no one mistakes your car for someone else’s.

We’ve compiled a list of the different things you can do to get a car upgrade below. Check them out and consider giving some of them a try during a professional or DIY car interior makeover.

Put a Ceramic Coating on Your Car

We just alluded to the fact that you should strongly consider painting the exterior of your car to set it apart from all the other cars that are out there. But why stop there?

You can also put a ceramic coating on your car to protect the paint on it. The ceramic coating cost will be well worth it once you see how protective it will be for you and your car.

Add Tint to Your Car’s Windows

Once you’re done fixing up the paint on your car at the start of your car makeover, you can move on to tinting the windows. Adding tint to your car’s windows will dramatically alter its appearance and make it look like a more mysterious car. People will wonder who is driving around inside of it.

Tinting your car’s windows will also allow you to enjoy a whole host of other benefits. Auto window tint will:

  • Stop the sun’s UV rays from causing your dashboard and upholstery to fade
  • Keep your car cooler on hot days
  • Reduce the amount of sun glare that you have to deal with

You’ll be shocked to see what a big difference that adding tint to your car’s windows makes.

Upgrade the Rims on Your Car

While you’re tinkering with the exterior of your car, you should also glance down at your rims and see if they could benefit from an upgrade. You can take off the stock rims that are on your vehicle and put aftermarket rims in their place.

You don’t necessarily need to go with a super expensive set of rims for your car, either. You should simply look for rims that will work well with the general style and aesthetic of your car.

Replace the Upholstery in Your Car

By taking the first three steps that we’ve listed here, you can make the exterior of your car look almost completely different. But what about the interior of it? That’s what we’re going to focus on next!

First and foremost, you should give some thought to replacing the upholstery in your car. Even if you have leather seats throughout your vehicle, you might still want to have it replaced with something a little more custom.

You can even go as far as to add custom monogramming to the seats in your car. It’ll make your car a true one-of-one and wow those who step inside of it to go for a ride.

Incorporate LED Lighting Into Your Car

Do you know those LED light strips that so many people have started to hang up in their homes? You can also work them into the interior design of your car if you would like.

Some people have begun to stick these LED light strips all over the place inside their cars to make them look like parties on wheels. Others have taken a more subtle approach to incorporate LED light strips into their cars by putting them down low by where people’s feet will be.

Install a New Sound System in Your Car

While you’re in the process of upgrading the interior of your car and pulling things apart, you might as well go ahead and install a new sound system for yourself. You’ll be able to work high-quality speakers and maybe even a subwoofer into the right parts of your car.

When you’re doing this, you might want to consider doing a car dashboard makeover as well. You can make your car way more intuitive than it is now by revamping the dashboard and the infotainment center in your vehicle.

Make Your Car Smell Amazing

You can make your car look as incredible as you want. But if it doesn’t smell good once it’s done, it might not be as perfect as you would like.

To get around this issue, you should learn about some of the different ways in which you can make your car smell great. You can obviously do it by hanging up an air freshener. But you can also do it by:

  • Sticking dryer sheets in different parts of your car
  • Utilizing essential oils in your car
  • Placing unlit candles underneath the seats in your car

The better your car smells, the more you’re going to love it when your car makeover is complete. It’s why you shouldn’t forget to get your car smelling its best.

Put These Car Makeover Ideas to the Test Today

You probably paid a lot of money for your car. So the last thing you want is for it to look like everybody else’s car.

You can make sure that your car will turn lots of heads by putting the car makeover ideas found here to the test. They’ll change the look and feel of your entire vehicle, inside and out, and instill a strong sense of pride in you when you’re driving it around.

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