The Complete Guide to Buying Garage Cabinets: Everything to Know

Many American households have a garage. But very few use it to park a car inside. 

Instead, most people use their garage for extra storage space. Some even build a workshop in their garage.

Whatever you use your garage for, it’s always going to function best when it’s organized and free from clutter. And the key to keeping your garage clean is buying garage cabinets that actually work for your space.

It’s easier said than done. Most people buy the cheap cabinets they find at their local Wal-Mart. But rarely do these cabinets make your garage more enjoyable.

Instead, you need to know how to buy the exact cabinets that will work for you. Keep reading below to learn about the different types of garage cabinets and how to select a garage cabinet provider. 

Know What You Need to Store

Before you go out and buy storage for garages, you need to take inventory of what you have and what you need to store.

If most of your belongings are stored in totes then you need cabinets large enough to hold these totes. If most of the garage storage is made up of small nick nacks, you might need a cabinet with smaller compartments to keep everything well organized.

Don’t just buy cabinets for the sake of buying cabinets. Buy cabinets for the specific stuff you own.

Garage Cabinet Features

Garage cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes. The good news is that most manufacturers will have a handful of different cabinet styles available, allowing you to piece together a custom solution for your space.

Many people like to incorporate taller cabinets on the ends, with short cabinets in the middle so that can install a countertop with it.

Whether you like to build or tinker, or just need a place to organize your tools, a counter within your cabinet space is very helpful. And with overhead cabinets, you won’t be losing much storage space at all.

Choosing a lower cabinet with drawers makes for the perfect place to store hand tools, spare nuts and bolts, and other loose items. 

Also, if you have items you’d prefer to lock away, like sharp garden tools, make sure to select cabinets that can be easily locked. 

Comparing Cabinet Costs

The cost of garage cabinets can vary widely. You might even get them for free.

For example, if you’re doing a kitchen remodel and replacing all of your cabinets, you can use the old ones in the garage, if you aren’t too picky about the appearance of your garage.

Otherwise, you can opt for brand new MDF and laminate cabinets, which will look clean, yet are very affordable.

If you want something more durable, you can opt for the more expensive steel cabinets used by those who take their garage seriously. Check out New Age garage storage options here. 

Buying Garage Cabinets With Confidence

Most people make the mistake of buying random cabinets to put in their garage. Then, when they try to organize everything, they realize they lack sufficient space to actually put stuff away.

That’s why you need to take your time and make sure you are buying garage cabinets that are suited to your family’s needs. When you get it right, it can make your whole home more functional.

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