How to create a low-cost video to promote your travel agency?

Everyone knows that an image is worth a thousand words. You already tried promoting your agency and have all sorts of experiences by printing travel guides. When you decided to advertise online, you tried ads that contain images and text but you found somewhere the information that videos have a better Click Thru Rate than images.

That’s true! Video advertisement produces more conversions than any other content because videos:

  • Grab peoples attention
  • Engage viewers
  • Are memorable and improve brand recall
  • Help increase buying intent 

Your offer must be seen where everyone is watching. No matter if you go for Facebook Ads, Google / Youtube video ads, it’s obvious that you need videos to drive more traffic to your website. But how to create a low-cost video to promote your travel agency? 


If you already own a piece of software that can help you creating or editing video and you have the knowledge and skills to do it, you’re lucky. Although it’s not quite free if we take into account the price of your video editor and the time that you will invest in creating a video ad. 

If you have a skilled friend that can help you for free, that’s not a bad idea. You can ask for help once or twice but … it’s about your travel agency, about your business and you can’t rely on friends here.


Go on in the Video&Animation category. You will find a few subcategories dedicated to video and ads creation. Here, you will discover many sellers doing exactly what you need but the outcome might surprise you. 

Don’t let yourself be influenced by the low prices as you could get low quality work done. Too many sellers have good reviews and good descriptions for their services but, in reality, they deliver low-quality results. You might be lucky but also, might lose time and money trying to find a good seller here. 


You can promote your travel business without breaking the bank by producing stunning videos on your own. All you need is a travel video maker to create a travel agency promo video. Paying 15-30$ for a video ad makes this solution the best for your needs as it doesn’t require too much knowledge about video editing from you. 

Follow the link and try for free a template that has plenty of room for your own content. It allows you to customize the video template, just by adding 4 video clips or photos, 1 logo, and 25 lines of text. To produce your low-cost video it takes less than 30 minutes. It’s so much easier when you have a template dedicated to promoting tourism, travel, or a vacation agency. 

Of course, these are not the only solutions that I can recommend to you but it’s worth trying. It is good that you don’t have to go out and look for advice. Everything can be solved from home or from the office, in front of a computer.

People love sharing videos. All you need is a good and affordable tool to create low-cost videos at scale. Keep in mind that videos get 1.200% extra shares than text and images combined. When you look at this percentage, I’m sure you won’t use any more text ads to promote your travel agency.