What Are the Different Types of RVs That Exist Today?

Do you have dreams of seeing the various national parks around the country? It might surprise you but there are 423 national parks in the United States alone. 

Getting around has never been easier due to an RV. Enjoy the great outdoors and see the country with the various types of RVs. 

But if you’re ready to begin your journey, you might wonder what your options are. Read this guide on the various types of RVs in order to get started on your journey today.

Class A Motorhome

These RVs for sale are the largest drivable RV you can find for both comfort and luxury. They’re built on a truck chassis in order to provide you with more room. 

Class A motorhomes have amenities such as top-notch furniture and flooring, storage underneath, and residential appliances. They can handle more weight than other options for your RV lifestyle. 


Keep in mind that since they’re large they’re difficult to drive and they have poor gas mileage. You might need a tow-behind vehicle as well. Keep in mind that these motorhomes have to be parked in oversized parking lots. 


There’s plenty of storage space and you can set up with ease at a campground. There’s a large living room area and you’ll have comforts that’ll remind you of home. 

Class B Motorhome

They’re also known as camper vans and are quite small. They’re more fuel-efficient than Class C motorhomes though. 

Class B motorhomes are best for smaller groups. While you can still enjoy various luxuries, they don’t have slide-outs with this option. 


The great part is that they’re easy to turn around and park. They can also fit into your garage. 

You can tow a trailer since it comes with a hitch. It doesn’t have as much capacity as an A or C motorhome though. If you need chassis or engine services, many automotive dealerships will have the services necessary. 

Class C Motorhome

These are the most common type of RV that you’ll find. They’re built onto a van chassis with the living space around the cab. 

Class C motorhomes can hold heavy loads and perform well on hills and inclines. You could have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a dinette-sleeping area.

Many have a cab-over bed for a second sleeping spot. You could also use it as storage. Some have slide-outs as well.


Some might want a 2nd tow vehicle. You’ll have poor gas mileage with this option.

Many owners will need off-site RV storage to make this work. The holding tanks are of an average size though.


You can enjoy many comforts from home and there’s a sleeping space. It’s easy to park and drive as well. 

Fifth Wheel Campers

Fifth wheel campers are the largest towable RV. You can pull them by pick-up trucks that have a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of the truck. The forward section often has a living room or bedroom. 

Since they have slideouts and an extended length, they’re more spacious options. Some floorplans even have 6 slideouts. 

Detach the towing vehicle once you’re done traveling and park at a campground. Make sure that the vehicle you choose to tow it with can handle the weight of this RV.

Travel Trailers

These RVs are popular since they can be towed by their frame or bumper hitch from the front of the trailer. The weight of these trailers can vary as well. 

Some even have multiple slideouts for increased space. Travel trailers are easier to have setup than 5th wheels as well. 

Toy Hauler

Toy haulers have become multi-purpose utilities since they living spaces as well. It can fall under a motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer. 

One main advantage is that you’ll have a garage for your toys. There’s also a ramp door to make unloading and loading easy. Even if you don’t have bikes, many enjoy the space that these toy haulers have. 


The garage often has oil and water-resistant flooring. It also has wall panels that are protective along with tie-down fasteners. 

Enjoy fold-away sleeping options in the garage including beds. The beds lower from the ceiling when you touch a button. 

You’ll have the option to turn the garage into a hobby room, workshop, office, or guest bedroom. The ramp door can double as a patio deck with side railings and an overhead awning. You can store kayaks, motorcycles, ATVs, etc. 

Expandable Trailer

Expandable trailers give you extra living space when you’re parked. These expandable sections can be in the living or bedroom space, tents, or other pop-out sections. 

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers are similar to hybrid RV tents. They often have a hard-sided bottom section for the dinette, toilet, shower, storage, and kitchen. 

When you’re moving, the trailer collapses into the hard-sided bottom. As you’re camping, the tent section of the trailer can extend to provide you with more room.

They’re often less expensive than other travel trailers. You might choose a pop-up camper if you’re looking for an option that’s easy to tow and lightweight. 

Exploring the Different Types of RVs

This guide should give you a better understanding of the different types of RVs out there. Take your time looking through your different options in order to decide what the best choice for you is. 

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