Documents you need to rent and drive a car in Dubai

Are you planning to visit Dubai?

You can rent and drive a car in Dubai if you have an international driving license. If not, then you need to get a UAE driver’s License. The rules and regulations of renting a car vary from one company to another, so it is better that you check with your rental agency before going for a drive.

You can rent a car or drive a vehicle registered to your name or one of your 1st-degree relatives visiting the UAE and having a valid international driving license.

Many things attract people to Dubai, but there are some essential documents that every traveler should carry while traveling there. Here we will provide a few tips and all the information about documents needed when renting a car in Dubai to ensure that everything goes well on your trip!

If you are a tourist visiting Dubai, you will need the following documents to rent and drive a car:

  • an International Driving Permit
  • your home country Driving License
  • a Visit Visa
  • your Passport

Tip: If you hold a UK, USA, Canada or GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Passport, you can drive a car in Dubai using your home country driver license.

One misconception visitors to Dubai have is that they need a local driving license to drive. This isn’t true, and whether you’ve driven for a long time in your country or not, this will not stop you from renting a luxury car in Dubai.

You need to remember that if you are not an Emirati or GCC national, you can’t rent a car with just your home country driving License. You will need to have an international driving license and your local License. 

To get one of these licenses, go to the RTA’s page on their site (Government of Dubai – Drivers Licensing). As an important tip: it is better if you get it before you arrive in Dubai.

As a tourist, if you already have an international driving license, then that’s all good, but it has to be issued by your home country.

If you live in Dubai, you will need to check the local traffic rules and regulations before starting. You can do this at RTA’s website or visit their office – Dubai Traffic Police (DTP).

Make sure to bring your and your traveling companions’ actual and current international passports when hiring a luxury car in Dubai.

The next thing you need to do is go online and book a hire car for yourself or anybody else in Dubai, but make sure that the travel dates match the dates mentioned on their ID cards because you can’t drive with somebody else’s Passport. 

To rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, you have to be at least 21 years old and, if you’re younger than 21, then any one of your traveling companions – over 25 – must drive for you.

In Dubai – as it is with many countries these days – there is a limit on driving hours per day, or they may set a maximum number of kilometers you can travel in a day. If this happens, you can ask your rental company to change it or contact the RTA.

You will also need to carry a credit card with an adequate limit in case there is any damage while you’re driving. Please note that the insurance isn’t provided by the government but by airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, so check this element before booking.


Please remember that you will need an international driving license along with your own if you are not a local or GCC citizen in most cases. Also, remember to have all the necessary documentation with you, especially if this is your first visit to Dubai. And lastly, it’s good to keep in mind that renting a car comes with responsibilities so try to behave accordingly.