Give Me a Sign: 5 Tips for Effective Business Signage

When you have a retail business, you need to do everything you can to get customers. Most of your customers will learn about your business simply by driving by.

Business signage has the potential to increase your business by 30% if you do it right. How can you ensure that your business signage is totally effective?

Keep reading to learn the top tips for creating business signage that makes a statement.

1. Keep the Sign Consistent with Your Brand

People learn to have a certain set of expectations when they see something. A consistent business sign with your brand sets the expectation that they’ll get the same service and product that they’re used to.

Business signage that isn’t consistent with your brand can throw people off. They won’t know what to expect, so they’ll be less inclined to visit your business.

2. Make It Clear

The best signage tells people what your business does. You’re introducing your business to hundreds of potential new customers every day.

Tell them what your business does and they’ll remember to check it out. For example, if your business sells pizza and the signage says so, they’ll stop by the next time they have pizza.

If it’s not clear what your business does, a person would have to be very curious to stop by. You would need to have a well-known brand to make it work.

3. Easy to Read

People are likely to drive past your business. They’re focused on the road, driving at least 25 miles an hour. You have about one second to get their attention and tell them about your business.

If they can’t read your business signage, they’ll ignore it and move on. The design of the sign needs to have fonts that are easy to read. The fonts also need to be large enough to see from a distance.

4. Make It Legal

Believe it or not, municipalities have all sorts of rules and regulations around business signage. Before you set up your business sign, you need to check to make sure that it’s legal.

You’ll need to get a permit for your sign and ensure that the sign is professionally installed. That’s to protect the public from injury.

5. Remember Indoor Signage

You spend a lot of money and time developing business signage for the exterior of your business. Don’t forget about the interior of your business.

You can use business signage to direct customers throughout your store and to highlight special items.

Business Signage Makes an Impact

Business signage can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It’s a great way to make a great first impression and to draw customers to your business.

Effective business signs are consistent with your brand, they’re clear and easy to read. They also follow local laws.

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