Ensuite Renovation Ideas – Add or refurbish an existing ensuite bathroom

Whether you add a new section to your bedroom or renovate an existing outdated ensuite bathroom, the result should be your very own haven of relaxation. An ensuite bathroom not only adds resale value to your home but gives you the luxury of entirely personal space.

Depending on the current structural layout, there are a few ways to maximize your ensuite bathroom design. Here are our top 6 ensuite renovation ideas.

1. Stylish Structural Dividers

If your bedroom is very spacious, consider converting part of the room into an ensuite by sectioning off the ‘bathroom’ part of the room with a structural divide such as a stud wall, floor-to-ceiling frosted glass screen, or natural stone wall.

This still allows for natural light to flow throughout the entire room. A patterned tile floor in the bathroom area can contribute to creating the feel of two separate spaces between the bedroom and bathroom area.

2. Statement Pieces

If your current bedroom ensuite has a small existing toilet and basin, maybe even a shower, but your heart is set on a bathtub, consider incorporating a trendy freestanding bathtub into your actual bedroom space. Not only is it functional, but it serves as a magnificent statement piece.

Choose the space strategically and efficiently to create a luxurious bathtub area with a patch of elegant tiling or a rug. Your renovation specialist will be able to guide you with regard to any plumbing requirements and restrictions.

Walk in shower

3. Maximize Every Corner

Don’t worry if you do not have a huge room to work with – using hidden corners, odd angles, and loft spaces can easily be transformed into ensuite areas with a little creativity and careful planning. Consider the proportions, angles, and slanted beams when choosing your layout and maximize each nook for an effective design solution.

Consider built-in or recessed storage units with a sleek and minimalist look to avoid a cluttered feeling.

4. Go Doorless

For the middle ground option between a completely enclosed bathroom and an open plan area, go doorless. Why? You might ask. This allows for a sense of continuity between the areas and creates the illusion of a larger space, and allows for a better flow of light.

Your ensuite will feel more like an extension of your bedroom yet provide you with more privacy than a completely open plan design. Enhance the flow between the two spaces by integrating similar colour palettes and decorative features.

Doorless shower

5. Take It Outside

If your bedroom opens up onto an outdoor space or can be renovated to do so, consider incorporating this into an alfresco shower area. The feasibility of this may be dependent on the climate of your location.

However, private outdoor showers can save on interior space and make for unique features. The space can be enclosed using natural materials, bamboo, stone, timber, or glass with pebbles and greenery integration walkways.

6. Combine Two Rooms

If you have the option to open up and integrate the room next door into an ensuite, this could be a luxurious home feature.

The additional space may even allow for a walk-in closet or dressing area. Link the spaces with common colours, materials, flooring, and light fittings to create a uniform feel and cohesive flow between the rooms.

Whether you are renovating a compact space, open plan or traditional style ensuite, the comfort and convenience of having a private spa-like haven are well worth the extra bit of effort.