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Essay writing is a crucial part of college life. Students need their writing skills to discuss a wide variety of topics, to compare ideas, or to present a research paper as part of their graduation process – the final dissertation.

How to write an essay

To write an excellent comprehensive essay, students must investigate a chosen topic, be prepared to find arguments to support their decision, and compare them with the opposing ideas found during their topic research.

When writing an essay, students must observe the following guiding steps:

  1. Choosing a topic – students should look at subjects they know and are passionate about 
  2. Planning the essay – essential for a well-structured end result 
  3. Researching the topic – library books, published scholarly articles, internet and media research 
  4. Start with the writing – this needs to be under the guidelines set by the college/university ( essay format, number of pages/words )
  5. Proofreading for grammar, punctuation, wide, and specialist vocabulary. Reading the paragraphs aloud is a good way to find any spelling or grammar errors.
  6. Checking if the content has enough detail to bring the desired grades and praise
planning the writing for a good essay

Why is planning an essay important?

Essays are marked and graded according to how a student has planned to develop their part of the argument, showing an in-depth understanding of the chosen topic. Planning starts by ensuring that the subject is understood, and any issues are discussed with a supervisor before getting into the research and writing bit.

By knowing precisely the essay’s aim, the drafting of the main points will become more accessible, and the writer will have a clearer idea of what the paper will include in terms of information.

When creating a piece of writing, having a well-thought structure is essential. The author will be able to focus on adding the information researched and explain their viewpoint. Moreover, the readers will be able to follow the ideas presented, process the data, and make their assumptions that will then result in a fair grading.

When planning an essay, the author must make notes regarding what they will include in the beginning, middle, and end of their presentation. It’s recommended to check if the questions What? Why? and How? are answered in relevant paragraphs.

Of course, plans can change during the writing process, depending on what the research may bring up. However, essays will always need :

  • To have an introduction presenting the topic.
  • The opening sentence should grab the reader’s attention. 
  • End with a conclusion that reemphasizes the main ideas presented.
  • Leave the examiner with a clear understanding of the entire argument presented.
Writing-planning an essay

How much time do you need to write an essay?

If planning for a final dissertation, a student might be given six months to choose the desired topic, plan, research, and write the whole essay. 

When looking at writing a shorter essay for an assignment, the time spent on planning, research, writing, and revision depends widely on the subject debated by the writer. A last-minute report can take up to 6 hours of your time.

Some people struggle with writing for different reasons:

  • Undeveloped writing skills
  • An inadequate grasp of academic vocabulary
  • Language barrier (if English is a second language)
  • Issues related to spelling and punctuation 
  • Having a specific educational need
  • Working too many hours to research their topic
  • Not having enough time for different reasons (family, health issues)
  • Not enough technical knowledge 
  • Lack of ideas

In this case, there is the alternative of employing a professional essay writing service. Also, an essay database – as an example, can provide information on a variety of subjects and display other students’ work.

database of free essay samples

The importance of professional writing

A professional essay writing service will save you time and bring the best results. The professional writers are experienced in researching a wide area of topics. They know how to structure the text for a greater effect on the reader, including keywords and academic terms required for a college dissertation. Moreover, the work will be checked against plagiarized content with advanced software.

A good essay database can help with ideas on academic topics, work samples from other students, and authors, offering well-researched themes, lab reports, dissertations, and proposals. 

When time is of the essence, checking a database containing essays will certainly save the need to rush the written work. Ideas and structural features can be found on the sampled work boosting a writer’s confidence in finalizing their task before the deadline. Also, it’s good to know that professional essay writers can finish their work in 24 hours for a fair priced fee.