Exotic fruits used for weight loss

Top 8 exotic fruits used for weight loss [you can order online]

Fruits and vegetables are a focal part of any weight loss diet plan. These are bursting with nutrients and vitamins that bring up the energy levels and keep the body functioning. 

What fruits are considered exotic?

Non-native grown fruits are considered exotic. Moreover, fruits grown on different continents, which have to be transported to another country worldwide, are regarded as exotic.

As part of a well-balanced diet, exotic fruits aid the fat burning process leading to shedding unwanted weight. With a high fiber content and usually low calories, these fruits can be used as treats, as part of a meal, or in healthy smoothies and drinks. Most noticeably, their scrumptious sweet taste will reduce the need for any sugary addition to meals.

Top eight exotic fruits for losing weight


Papaya - used for weight loss

Eating this fruit as part of your breakfast will add a few calories to your meal and give a sensation of satiety for a longer-term. Papaya has a diuretic effect that can help detoxify the body before starting a routine to lose weight. It can be eaten whole, juiced, or mixed in a smoothie.

It is said that by consuming ten seeds on their own in the morning, the belly fat is burned more rapidly in a short period.


Guava - used for weight loss

Potassium, vitamin C, and other antioxidants, along with the fiber content, make the guava fruit a great addition to anyone’s diet.

Guava, it’s known for its positive effect on lowering cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure. Eating this fruit will improve the body’s general health in addition to aiding weight loss.


Pineapple - used for weight loss

Nutritionists highly recommend pineapple as part of a balanced diet, especially for people suffering from cellulitis. The bromelain enzyme contained reduces the accumulation of fat and improves lymphatic circulation.

Pineapple is a versatile fruit that can be eaten instead of a dessert, added to salads, as a tasty topping, drink, or smoothie. Its juice can be used to flavour and marinate meat for a tender, delicious low-calorie meal.

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit - used for weight loss

Its 8 grams of sugar content recommend it as the best sugary treat replacement. Packed with healthy nutrients and full of antioxidants, the dragon fruit is a delicious way to lose belly fat.


Pomegranate - used for weight loss

Its seeds are a fantastic addition to salads, low-fat yogurts, and breakfast oats. Also, juiced pomegranate helps you feel full during the day and filled with energy.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit - used for weight loss

With just 17 calories and bursting with antioxidants, this fruit can be eaten on its own (seeds and pulp), added to a mix of other healthy ingredients, or juiced for a fresh start of the day.

The nutrients and the amount of fiber contained by the passion fruit positively affect the digestive system, reducing hunger and the risk of constipation.


Kiwi - used for weight loss

Emerald green filled with vitamins, healthy nutrients, and fiber, the kiwi fruit is excellent on its own, in salads, yogurts, or smoothies. The enzymes contained by kiwi can dissolve fat and improve metabolism.


Grapefruit - used for weight loss

Grapefruit can be eaten as it is or added to meals. The juice has a cleansing effect aiding the body to prepare for a change in diet. Packed with vitamins, grapefruit is one of the best exotic fruits to add to any fat burning diet.

Fruits are a delicious and highly nutritious way of losing body fat. However, it is recommended to eat them in moderation and pay attention to the amount of sugar and calories while dieting. a Keto diet might be more restrictive in terms of consuming fruits. Ask a nutritionist whenever in doubt about any part of a diet.

When shopping for your exotic fruits, look for vendors that offer fresh fruit and organically sourced whenever possible. Pricing might seem higher for these fruits, but the perks of adding them to your menu are tremendous, and the weight loss results would be observed at a faster pace.