Factors to consider when buying office furniture

Among the fundamental pillars of a successful business is a comfortable and welcoming work environment. Choosing custom or quality office furniture is essential for both employees and potential customers or business partners, which is why quality must be the key here. 

When you think about the needs you have now, it would be good to consider the needs of the future. Overall it is simpler and more economical to get a larger office desk now than later.

Although new or custom furniture could be the right solution, decisions should not be made before informing you. You need to check on your list a few steps before looking for a furniture shop or a specialized company and using their services.

Think about the type of office furniture you need

You can’t turn up to a custom made furniture manufacturer until you know exactly what you want and how your workspace looks. Search the internet or in specialized magazines to see pieces of furniture that could inspire you.

Consider the advantages but do not ignore each type of material’s disadvantages, from endurance to price.

Carefully analyze the space where you will put the office furniture and think about your business’s needs. As a guide, make some measurements in the place where you want to arrange the new workspace.

Remember that each person sitting at a conference table or meeting table needs 80cm of space. To allow room for a larger chair, you need 80-100cm for boardroom tables. Of course, less than 80 cm is acceptable for brief meetings. It depends on how the tables are going to be used.

Although the craftsmen will take care of this step, it is advisable to have some ideas. In the end, you will decide where and how you install the furniture in your office.

Desk and chair in a corner

Know your budget

Do not rush to order custom office furniture until you have established the budget you have.

If you want to save money, you need to talk to a team of professionals from the beginning and decide together the types of materials used to make the furniture. You may have to give up certain accessories that are not useful in your case.

In this instance, it is best to choose a company that offers you help from the beginning to the end. Choose a manufacturer with several services included in the package to save both money and time.

You may need a company that provides specialized consulting, custom design and execution, delivery and assembly, ie, a full range of services.

Lights, broadband, network connections, storage

It is possible that in the office you will not only have a desk and a chair. You must look at the space as a whole and install in advance lighting fixtures.

It is good to have already installed the sockets for the internet connection and your network when designing the furniture. You will also need a space to store documents (which accumulate over time), and you don’t want to have them scattered everywhere.

You will likely also want to have parts of furniture that you can lock with a key or segments that can provide increased security measures.

Office furniture custom made

Find a reliable custom office furniture company

You can’t leave yourself in the hands of anyone when it comes to making custom office furniture. You need a company with a rich portfolio and many years of experience in the field.

If you feel from the first conversation that you are not on the same page as those who will create your furniture, you should think twice before you start working whit them.

If you feel that your required standards will be met, then you are on the right track. Make sure that they give you guarantees on materials and the work is done on time. You can be confident if you are told openly about the final price, not by detours.


It is known that quality office furniture boosts efficiency and productivity at work. Do not ignore functionality or ergonomy, and remember that you need to have adequate lighting and a functional security system in place.

When you know how to make good choices about custom office furniture, stop thinking and take action; ask for a personalized offer for your office space.