Fishing for beginners

Fishing is one of the oldest trades but, as a hobby, is becoming more and more popular especially amongst the younger generation. Primarily fishing was done for feeding however, it became a favorite pastime for many people. Some people take fishing as a hobby whilst the more competitive ones would participate in fishing tournaments.

Fishing offers a lot of physical and mental health benefits to anyone that wants to take this as an outdoor activity:

  • Fishing requires a lot of hours spent outdoors. This benefits your body through exposure to the sunlight boosting your Vitamin D levels.
  • Spending time in nature near a lake, canal, riverside or the sea, you will breathe cleaner air into your lungs.
  • Fishing teaches patience and induces calm and relaxation for body and mind.
  • Going fishing with someone close creates a stronger bond between yourselves (father and son, husband and wife, etc).
  • It keeps your body fit. Walking to the fishing spot, preparing the rod, throwing the line, catching fish, requires a number of muscles to engage in the action.
Is fishing hard to learn

Is fishing hard to learn?

Fishing might seem hard to beginners. However, you only need to start with a few things and you will get the hang of it in no time at all.

You need to learn about fishing knots to secure the hook to the rod:

  • The clinch knot
  • The Palomar knot
  • The double surgeon’s knot

There are online tutorials that teach you how to do these knots. The more experience you gain fishing the more knot types you can learn and experiment with.

Another important thing is to be observant and pay attention to detail. This will help you ‘read the water’, the spot where the fish are – remember that fish are very good at hiding.

Your first reel casting. Hold the rod firmly then push the reel to release slowly. Check if it’s safe to cast the line. Raise your arm so that the rod is at eye level, throw the line into the water.

When you notice movement and feel the fish pulling at your rod, it’s time to reel in the fish.

Remove the hook gently, when you catch your fish to avoid too much damage. If you decide to send the fish back to the water, don’t leave it for more than a minute or it will stop breathing. If you keep it, place it gently into your bucket.

Fishing reel - Fishing line

How to begin fishing

When you decide to learn fishing, you need to visit a fishing shop to buy all the necessary gear. You can ask for a beginner’s kit and you will more than likely be pointed to a rod combo (reel and rod) suitable for your experience.

After the rod and reel you will need to buy a fishing line then decide on a hook, lure and the bait. 

To help you have an informed decision about the best fishing gear for a beginner and the best fishing line before visiting a specialized shop you could also have a chat with other anglers or visit online websites that offer advice for fishing amateurs. There are fishing shops online that give tips about fishing gear, best places to go fishing and when is the fishing season.

It is important to buy your fishing license before your first go at catching any fish. This can be done in shops or online.