Fun facts about best friends in 2024

I’ve made a top of 10 fun facts about best friends and first I will show you the reasons why a girl is better as a BFF and then why a boy.

What are the benefits of having friends?

We are social beings. When we’re lonely and feeling isolated, it’s difficult to think of anything else. Friends can provide a sense of belonging that is comforting in tough times as well as joyful moments.

Being able to share your triumphs or lean on someone when you need them is priceless for many people who live alone with no one but their pets for company most days.

For those without siblings, having close friends or lifelong friendships is like having a sister or a brother.

Do you have close friends?

Close friends are the people who know everything about you and still love you. They’re the ones that will be there for you when no one else is, or they’ll just make your day better with a phone call.

You deserve to have someone in your life that loves and cares for you unconditionally. If you don’t have one, now it’s time to find yourself a best friend!

10 Fun facts if your best friend is a girl

Fun facts about best friends if your BF is a girl
Fun facts about best friends if your BF is a girl

1. Saying the same thing at the same time

It might sound weird or impossible but when you spend so much time together, you start both thinking about the same thing at the same moment and it happens a lot that both of you start speaking at the same time.  For example: “Let’s go shopping!”

2. Finishing each other’s sentences

I bet it happens to you thousand times too that you are finishing your bestie’s sentences like “I’m starving! Maybe we should …” “Eat some pizza!”

3. Laughing together until it hurts

You always laugh together about ridiculous things. Your friend can make you proper belly laugh like no one else.

4. “Don’t tell anyone”

How about the secrets? You could write a whole book out with them, or maybe you are writing a diary together? And of course, if someone says “don’t tell anyone” that excludes your best friend. “Lips are sealed”. Aha-aha.

And here comes the most important gossip theme: your love life. Your friend will know every detail, even the parts you wish they wouldn’t.

5. That ‘look’

It’s normal to look at each other and know what the other is thinking. Especially when a person which you both dislike says something irrelevant. Eye roll!

6. Brutally honest

You can be brutally honest with each other.  “How do I look?” a friend answers  ” You look fine.”, a good friend may give us a hundred compliments and we believe it, but a best friend would always be honest, even when we look the worst, they would tell the truth
“Change it! You look horrible.”

7. Having fun together

When you are together you can’t get bored a second: you are going shopping, playing dress-up, doing silly dance moves, thousands of selfies, singing duets…the list goes on and on, isn’t it? Even when you are not together you entertain each other by texting using emojis, gifs, screenshots, or stickers. She doesn’t need to write a word, you understand her feelings anyway.

8. Using your own language

Do you speak to each other in an intricately crafted dialect that nobody else understands?

Do you invent nicknames for people you are gossiping about, especially for boys? (Think some examples you are using with your bestie). Or even whole sentences: “the sun just came up” means that your crush just entered the classroom.

Of course, you have some wicked nicknames for each other as well, most of them are colorful and cheeky insults, but, who else would be allowed if not your best friend?

9. You are always close 

You have that good and comforting feeling that there is at least one person who you can talk about everything, especially your problems. Thanks to technology your bestie is so close to you nowadays.

She is always one call away, just press a button on your phone ( I bet she is on speed dial); you can see each other using the video no matter how far you are and with a touch of the enter button, you are sending her a screenshot with your boyfriend’s latest text.

10. Remembering good times

At last, do not forget those crazy moments you spent together which makes the relationship with your bestie incomparable to your other friendships! When you are sad or if happens something that is similar to something that happened in the past you brush up those old stories over and over again.

“Remember that time when…?” They know all your stories, but they still have a good laugh with you. You have tonnes of stories which would be great to have enter in your own reality show. And oh… if one of you doesn’t remember that time, there will be fireworks! but not the pretty kind 🙂

Girl best friends are always there for you. Even in the most embarrassing moments they will support you and care about your wellbeing.

Show your gratitude by caring back, showing that you are there, and make them a surprise best friend gift if you feel like to.

10 Fun facts if your best friend is a boy

Interesting facts about best friends if your BF is a boy
Interesting facts about best friends if your BF is a boy

1. Dirty jokes 🙂

You can always crack dirty jokes with them and not feel embarrassed about it. Hooray! Finally, someone to share them with!

2. Getting nicknames

Who wouldn’t hate nicknames such as “Speedy”? But let’s be honest, secretly you love them. Only your guy BFF is allowed to call you something utterly ridiculous. Anyone else who would try that would meet a terrible, painful death.

3. Side effects of spending too much time together

You notice that you’ve spent too much time together when you’ve started speaking in the same way. If at the beginning he imitated your accent because he found it weird or interesting after a hundred times he will be so used to it that he won’t even realize that he is speaking just the same as you.

4. Having fun together

If one of you doesn’t want to do something alone, the other feels a responsibility to be your  “partner in crime”.

5. Bodyguards

Someone called you something mean? Your guy BFF will definitely have words with him/her in a minute. In general, boys are more protective than girls.

6. Fast forgivers

When you mess up things they don’t take long to forgive you. A sincere apology and a bottle of beer are enough. Much easier, right? Easier than with a girl.

7. Acting like an Encyclopaedia

You can always stay updated with all nerdy stuff like the newest gadgets, football matches or details about the latest cars and so on.

8. “Secret guardians”

Having a guy best friend means having him so close enough that the minute you tell him that you have something you would like to talk about, they promise hand on heart that they won’t tell anyone anything you will entrust to them. Trust me boys can better at keeping a secret than a girl.

9. Everyone thinks you like each other or you are dating

Every kind gesture he does, others might see it as something romantic. He doesn’t act like this because he wants to date you but just because he’s a gentleman and he cares about you.

10. They can crack you up even during the toughest times.

One of the best things about having a guy as a best friend is that they can bring a smile on your face even during the toughest of your times.

Hopefully, these fun facts about best friends will help you. Whoever you will choose as a best friend, be it a boy or a girl, keep them close to you because although you might have hundreds of friends in a lifetime,  only 1 out of 12 friendships lasts.

Who is better to be your best friend? A girl or a boy?

A best friend is someone that cares, that listens, and is there for you no matter what. Friendship does not care about age, skin color, or sex. The answer to this question is hard to give but keep in mind that once you find your best friend make sure you keep him/her.

Let’s be honest, life is not easy for a boy or for a girl; we need a best friend to be by our side. Those who have a best friend know that friendship brings many advantages:

  • you always have someone who can talk to about anything
  • you  can have fun all the time
  • you have someone to cry with
  • you have someone to share secrets and wishes with
  • you have someone that comes to rescue from awkward situations (or put you through awkward situations :))
  • you have someone to give a critical eye to you whilst shopping
  • best of all: the gifts they bring for special occasions are the best!