8 Fun jobs that pay well without a degree in 2024

Are you ineligible for job interviews because you don’t have a degree? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the world are without a degree. But this never stops them from finding a fun job and making a sustainable income.

Although a degree is important, it’s not necessary. If you are curious about finding fun jobs that pay well and don’t have a formal degree as an eligibility criterion, you’re in the right place. Here are 8 fun jobs, both online and offline, which pay you well without a degree:

Dog Walker

How much you get paid: £26,000

Let’s begin the list with something fundamental. Do you love taking dogs for a stroll? Well, this could be it. You can be a professional dog walker and earn a good income without a degree.

You can set your schedule and pick your clients as dog walkers. Your best clients are people who own a pet but don’t have ample time. You can charge competitively.

However, how much money you earn depends on how many dogs you take for a walk and how much you charge per hour.  


How much you get paid: £23,336-£31,144

Enjoy teamwork, saving people, and staying fit? Well, try becoming a firefighter. Not only does a firefighter helps put out fire, but they respond to numerous other types of emergencies as well. You must be fit and work out regularly to carry heavy equipment during an emergency.

This job requires no formal education; you need to complete training at a Fire Academy This job is offline, and the wages differ according to where you live.

Firefighters group picture

Online Tuition Teacher 

How much you get paid: £20-£30 per hour

Do you specialize in math, chemistry, physics, sewing, cooking, or even yoga? Well, you can make tons of money teaching the same.

You can teach people what you love, enjoy, and specialize in without a degree and earn well. There are numerous good platforms, like Chegg, Skooli, Wyzant, TutorMe, or MyTutor, where you can start teaching people. If you want to start on a small scale, you can teach people locally, as a private tutor does. 

Online Tutor smiling

Travel Agent

How much you get paid: £20,151

If you know how to plan and manage everything, consider the job of a travel agent. A travel agent helps people decide the location, prepare, and plan for a vacation. The travel agent’s job is to help the customers decide which place is the best for them to visit. 

The travel agent also helps his customers arrange easy flights, book hotels, and buy the required stuff. If you like researching cool go-to places worldwide, you should become a travel agent. 

There are two great things about this job:

  • You don’t need a degree; basic knowledge would work
  • You can work remotely, which means location doesn’t matter  

Security Tester or Ethical Hacker

How much you get paid: £27,000-£100,100

Do you love hacking or have an interest in security testing? Become an Ethical Hacker and earn tons of money. An ethical hacker or security tester is a person who tries to find loopholes in the system of the company he’s working for.

Or you can think of an ethical hacker as someone who helps security forces protect crucial data from hackers or even access data from hackers. So, it’s an interesting and amazingly well-paying job. The qualifications for this title are pure skill and a love for hacking.

Security Tester or Ethical Hacker


How much you get paid: £25,000-£50,000

Content is everywhere. Even what you’re reading right now is content. And a copywriter’s job is to compel the reader to take action through the content. Have you seen those amazing ad campaigns by Apple or Nike? Why are they so successful? 

The answer is ‘they produce compelling copies‘. If you’re quite creative and have a knack for wiring content that connects with the reader, try copywriting for once. You need not acquire a formal degree for this. You can enrol in a few copywriting courses, and you’re good to go.

The earning potential is beyond what you can think of. Copywriting never requires you to be somewhere unless the client demands it. You can be in London writing copy for a person sitting in Ukraine. So, the location’s not a barrier. And if you love writing, you will enjoy this a lot.

Dance instructor 

How much you get paid: £30,000-£50,000

Who doesn’t love to shake their feet a little bit? Do you have a passion for dicing? Do you specialize in some dicing form? Well, try becoming a dance instructor. If you have the right skill, you can earn money like anything.

You can simply start your dancing school or instruct people personally. Or you can even give dancing lessons online by making the right use of technology. No degree is required; you just need to be good at dancing. A certification would work fine, though.

Public Speaker

How much you get paid: £2500-£10,000 per talk

Do you love speaking in front of an audience? Can you add value to someone’s life with your words? The job of a Public Speaker is perfect for you. Colleges, schools, entrepreneurs, and police stations hire Public Speakers to motivate and educate people.

You can also create your YouTube channel and deliver your speeches. Or you can organize personal public speaking sessions and charge for the same.

So, for the job of a public speaker, you need to be knowledgeable about something specific. You should also know how to add value to someone’s life. And, you’re done. The earning potential is unlimited, and it’s a fun job if you love speaking publicly. 

Wrapping Up!

So, here ends the list of fun jobs that pay you well without a degree. Some of the above jobs require you to be present on-site, while others are remote. You can always select according to your preference.

Although the above jobs require skills, you do not require a professional degree before applying. So, find your skilled nerve and have fun while making money.

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