Graduation gifts

Graduating is the best day in a student’s life! All the hard work has come to an end. Everyone wants to graduate, leave school and go in the real world.  On graduation day we receive a diploma or an academic degree and this is usually celebrated through a ceremony. After the ceremony itself, family and friends would congratulate the student and it is often common to offer graduation gifts to remind them of this special day in their life.

The most common graduation gifts for girls are easy to find, it’s like an unwritten rule to buy them flowers or pretty chocolate boxes. We all know how much girls love these.  But, how do we choose the graduation gifts for boys? They are harder to guess and they won’t easily let you know what they wish for.

With this in mind, as we’ve been through this stage of our life, we thought of some ideas that could help you choose a good gift for this special occasion. However, if you have any other ideas, you can tell us about it in a comment.

Graduation gifts
Graduation gifts

Leather Mouse Pad

It looks expensive and grown-up. It’s the best idea if he/she spends a lot of time on their computer writing or, why not?, is a gamer. They’ll definitely thank you.


Being in university you will always have to draw a sketch or a graph, it’ll come in handy.

A travel bag

Graduates go visiting foreign countries with their friends, usually at the end of school. And if they have a personalized bag they will easily find it wherever they will go and would remember you in their travels.

Decomposition Book

Keeping a journal or something in which we can write about our thoughts, plans, ideas is great. It’s like creating a new world, our world in which no one else can access.

Personalized or funny keyring

Graduating is usually followed by going to university, moving to a new dorm on campus, so they’ll be in good use.

Personalized pen

When we were little, most of us dreamt of having a pen with our initials or full name written on it. Now, that dream can become true.

Magazine Cover Gift

Beautifully designed magazine cover which gives you a unique opportunity to be on your favourite magazine!

Custom magazine cover gift

Keepsake memory box

To keep those precious things that might get lost: photos, letters, tickets to special places or other trinkets.

Well done!
Well done!

Personalized socks

They can bring a smile on anyone’s  face. It’s great knowing that someone cares about you and your needs.

Labeled personalized bottle of wine or champagne

To celebrate this special occasion, having your own personalised bottle is just awesome. This can be kept as home decoration after it’s emptied.

Advice list

After graduating, most of us don’t know a lot of things about real life. Free time and the loss of a schedule are a big change that can create anxiety to a new graduate. For this reason, a list of things they can do after graduating is using their time to travel or spending quality time with their friends, going to parties or any other activities they could immerse in, it would certainly be appreciated.

A gift card

with a set amount of money which they can use in their favourite shop.

A piece of jewelry or a watch

If engraved would always remind them of you and their graduation day.

The original Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

There is nothing better than shooting for the moon and stars after you graduate. Remind your friend or relative of this important life lesson every day after they graduate by giving them the original moon lamp.

Anything handmade

The funkiest the better, this would show how thoughtful you are. If you know that they generally like unique and colorful things you could try to give them original handmade colourful mugs.

Colorful Polish Mug

The graduation gift list is endless varying from cheap to expensive but keep in mind that all in all the thought is what counts and the gift should represent and remind them of this unique event in their lives.

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift?