How long does it take to a locksmith to open a door?

What is a locksmith?

A person that makes, installs, repairs, or disassembles locks is called a locksmith. It’s the name for the person you need to call if you find yourself locked outside your home or office. The locksmith can open your door safely without causing damage.

Locksmiths also offer services for cutting and duplicating keys in specialized shops.

Finding a reliable locksmith

All traders of such services need to follow strict rules set by the country’s law. In order to find a locksmith that you can trust and avoid scammers, you will need to research the companies and the individuals that offer locksmithing services in your area.

A trustworthy locksmith should be trained, fully certified, and insured. Remember to ask for an id from the person in front of you.

You can look into a book directory, in specialized shops on the main street or online by searching locksmiths close to your location. For example, you could search locksmith Tucson. The results will show you the best websites with lots of information on the services offered, the costs, how to contact them, and even reviews.

The best query to search for using Google is “locksmith near me“. You will see a list containing reliables companies located near your actual location.

locksmith unlocking door

Locksmith services 

  • Residential locksmith – you would need this service if you need help to open/repair or install a new lock for your home. You can ask for advice on how to make your property more secure as they might offer extra services.
  • Commercial – for offices, office buildings.
  • Locksmithing for auto vehicles – what you need in case you find yourself locked outside your car.
  • Key cutting and key replacement services
  • Emergency services – under an hour response time
  • Safe opening
  • Removing broken pieces from keys 
  • Installing new locks
  • The master key (commercial use)
  • Rekey service

How long does it take to a locksmith to open a door?

The timing to unlock a door vastly depends on the type of the lock (and the door).

To open a house lock it can take between 20 to 45 minutes, whilst to open a car it can take up to 15 minutes.

The experience of the locksmith impacts also on how quickly the job is done.

how long locksmith to unlock your door

Ownership verification

Locksmiths are required to check the identity of the person that requires their services. They can ask for proof of ownership like an id card with the address of the house, a driving license, or the car’s insurance.

If you can’t prove your ownership of the house/car, they might refuse to offer their assistance. A good idea is to always keep a document showing your address with you or have a photo on your mobile phone.

Costs of using a locksmith to open your door

To open your house or car door prices start from 65$ / £60 up. The cost depends on the location, the type of lock, and the amount of work required.

The costs will also differ if the service is requested as an emergency service or outside normal working hours.

For any other services, you will need to request the prices directly from the locksmithing company.

Always ask for the price of the service you require in advance before you seal the deal.