How to Choose the Best Aftermarket Seats For Your Car

Ah, the fresh smell of a new car’s interior leather seats. They’re beautiful; there’s no doubt about that. However, are they fitted to your needs?

Generally speaking, you’ll find that the answer is no and that you need to look for aftermarket seats. For the most part, installing aftermarket seats to custom automobiles is reserved for performance and aesthetic reasons.

Sometimes, you can change the chairs with more comfortable alternatives. Seats from a higher-spec version of the same model car may be installed in a more current vehicle. Although this is more common with historic automobiles.

Read on for our full breakdown of everything you need to learn about aftermarket seats and speciality car seats before finalizing your purchase. 

Getting the Right Aftermarket Seats 101: Identify Your Needs

Please determine what you want to accomplish with your vehicle before buying it. Your automobile should be a reflection of your passions and lifestyle.

If you want to drive your automobile on paved roads rather than dirt or gravel, you’ll wish to have seats that are less extreme and purpose-built but still more comfortable and practical. In the long term, it’s essential, to be honest with yourself at this stage.

If you plan on driving aggressively, you should steer clear of too padded seats. There is no need for FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) racing seats if you compete in local autocross contests and a few track days.

Because FIA-certified seats are critical for racing on FIA-approved circuits. Therefore, you will not be as comfortable as you would be with non-FIA seats.

Determine a Sensible Spending Limit

The price of installing them will dwarf the actual cost of the chairs.

Carbon fiber seats are the most costly. Therefore, those on a tighter budget may wish to use chairs constructed of high-quality fiberglass, which functions similarly. Moreover, you’ll want to set aside some money for additional aftermarket performance car parts.

Plan Out the Seating Arrangement

 When determining your project’s budget, consider if you’ll need one, two, or four sports seats.

There are just a few off-road vehicles that can fit four sports seats. The cost of having your vehicle’s interior upholstery custom-made may be prohibitive, but if you value its visual effect, there may be no other choice.

Take care of your seats; they are the one item that all your other safety features depend on to function correctly.

Consider the Number of Seats

It’s essential to consider your size limitations while purchasing bucket seats for a racing vehicle. The driver’s compartment of an S1 Lotus Elan, for example, is so cramped that installing an extra-wide seat with side impact head protection would be difficult.

When it comes to space, every vehicle has its constraints. Because the transmission tunnel and sill are so close together, some seats have a small base, while others have a narrow ceiling, making installing the wings or headrests challenging.

Each of the bucket seats that Demon Tweeks sells has measurements that can be seen on our website and in our catalog, and they are invaluable for ensuring that your new seat will be a great fit.

Be Aware of Your Space Constraints

This step is just as critical as determining the proper fit for your car’s seats. To ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible when driving, you need to pick the correct seat for your body type.

Because there isn’t a racing seat that is “one size fits all,” we suggest you come to our showroom and check out a few of our display models. Measurements must be relied upon if this isn’t feasible.

Shopping for the Perfect Seats

At this point, you’ve determined how many seats you need and how much money you have to work with.

Shopping for seats may begin when you’ve considered all of the crucial considerations in the process. NRG FRP-310 seats are a good option for autocross lovers who don’t want to spend a fortune on FIA-certified seats but want a sporty feel at a reasonable price.

While there are no FIA-certified carbon fiber sport seats on the market, Seibon Carbon is a suitable alternative. It’s an excellent entry-level alternative for drivers on a tight budget who need their seats to meet FIA requirements.

High-end comfort and racing heritage come together in the Bride Zeta seats, ideal for a track-oriented driver with a larger budget. The Corbeau Baja is a terrific starting place for off-road fans, but there are a lot of various trim levels to choose from.

Many more well-known manufacturers, such as Recaro, Bridae, Cobra, Sparco, and Corbeau, provide high-quality and widely accessible sports seats with almost every conceivable feature set.

Find a Store That Sells and Installs Sport Seats

It is common for shops to offer more excellent deals since they encourage you to buy and install the seats simultaneously.

Speaking with professionals before buying seats will help you decide about aftermarket seat alternatives. It’s a good idea to build a relationship with a local business that has previously worked on your vehicle if you require future repairs or modifications.

Cover the Rest of Your Car Interior Details

There’s always more to do when you’re putting in new seats in your automobile.

To avoid dismantling and reassemble your equipment again and over, be sure that you have all of the necessary components. When you remove a factory seat, you’ll almost always find yourself with a few additional cables to deal with. The new chairs may need the removal of the carpet.

In the process of preparing a vehicle for racing, you may also need to install other equipment such as racing steering wheels or roll cages.

New Racing Seats or Heated Seats: Exploring Your Options

You may easily add that additional touch to your car’s quality and comfort by installing aftermarket seats. Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on the process and the many options available to you on the market.

But, the world of automobiles is much broader than most give it credit. You’ll want to learn more by checking out our automotive section for all of our other explainers and tips.