How to Ship a Vehicle to Another State

Are you ready to make a big move across state lines and need to figure out the best way to transport your beloved car? Shipping your vehicle to a new state can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation and the right plan, you can have your car safely and efficiently delivered to your new home without any added stress.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the entire process of shipping a vehicle to another state, including choosing the best transport company, preparing your car for shipping, and what to expect upon delivery. By following these expert tips, you can have complete confidence knowing your vehicle is in the best hands.

Everyone loves a good road trip, right? Well, not everyone. Anyone who can sit still, in a cramped car, for eight hours a day might enjoy a good road trip.

But not everyone is young enough to tolerate driving to another state, especially if it’s across the country.

About 14 percent of moves each year are interstate moves. People are moving across the country. And most are wondering how to ship a vehicle to another state to avoid having to drive the car themselves.

Keep reading our car shipping guide below to see how you can make the process as easy and painless as possible. 

Why Ship a Vehicle to Another State?

First, you must understand the benefits of shipping your car, as they often outweigh the cost.

For one, shipping your car is fast and easy. Your car can arrive across the country in just a few days. It takes at least five days to drive across the country, and that’s if you’re willing to sit behind the wheel for eight hours a day.

When you’re driving, you can’t be working. So you’re also not making any money unless you use your precious vacation time. So taking a road trip has an opportunity cost since you could use that time for something else.

Speaking of money, there are a lot of expenses to keep in mind when driving long distances. Gas is just one expense, but rising fuel prices is quickly becoming an issue.

Second, you’ll need accommodation each night you’re on the road. Hotels or Airbnbs will add up. You can camp if you’re looking to save money, but your back might not appreciate sleeping on the ground.

And you have food expenses. You’ll have to eat out for days, which can add up to hundreds of dollars. 

Not to mention the wear and tear you’ll put on your car. 

When it comes down to it, road trips are hard, time-consuming, and costly, unless you weave a vacation into it. If you just want to get to your new home hassle-free, then shipping your car is the way to go.

How to Ship a Vehicle to Another State

You need to schedule your move when shipping a vehicle to another state. You can either bring the car to a dropoff location or pick it up at home.

It will arrive at your new home, or destination of choice, just a few days later.

All you need to do is book a flight and arrive in another state just a few hours after leaving. Moving like this takes hours, not days or weeks. 

If you take your flight on the weekend, you might not have to stop working, so you can continue earning. No money is lost.

You can start your life in your new home immediately, without any stress or recovery time needed after the long drive.

So what does it take to make car shipping a reality?

Get Multiple Quotes

Your first step to shipping your car is getting a quote. There are many car shipping companies, each with its own quoting system. It pays to get multiple quotes and compare the cost and timeline.

Try getting a minimum of three quotes for the dates you are trying to move.

Generally, a coast-to-coast move can cost around $1,000 or $1,200. Shorter distances generally cost between $500 and $1,000. It depends on your car’s size and the trip’s mileage. 

You’ll spend a lot more if you want an enclosed transport carrier that protects your car from the elements and debris. 

Read and compare online reviews to ensure you pick a reputable transport company. 

Schedule a Pickup

When you receive a quote you like, then schedule the shipment right away. Locking in your date as early as possible guarantees the best pricing.

Before they arrive to pick up your car, check to ensure your battery is fully charged. Make sure the tires have the right air pressure. And use up fuel, so there is only 1/4 tank, to avoid excess weight on the transport vehicle.

Ensure you remove all personal belongings, especially valuables, from the vehicle. While your car will generally be safe, you’ll likely sign a waiver that says the company isn’t responsible for the theft of personal belongings.  

Take photos of the car to ensure there won’t be any new damage later.

Receive Your Car

The auto transporter will arrive on your scheduled arrival date at the designated dropoff location. Usually, this is your new home, though sometimes it makes more sense to deliver it elsewhere.

Check to see if there’s any damage and compare it with the photos you took before pickup.

Once it’s off the truck, you’re good to go. 

Car Shipping Tips

Remember a few things to remember when shipping your car across the country. The biggest is timing.

Car shipping is seasonal. Since most people travel or move in the summer, this is when demand is the highest. As a result, this is when prices are the highest.

If you can plan to ship your car in the shoulder season (spring or fall), you can save a lot of money.

Likewise, you can save money if you can book well in advance. You don’t have to. Most carriers can accommodate your transfer within just a few days of your move, but you’ll pay the price, just like a last-minute airline ticket.

Plan ahead. Schedule your pickup months in advance, and avoid peak car shipping season if possible. 

Make a move Easier

Now that you know how to ship a vehicle to another state, you can start planning your interstate move. While the moving process can be incredibly stressful, you can make it much easier on yourself by shipping your car rather than driving it yourself.

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