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How to Use Coupons Effectively in 7 Helpful Steps

97% of consumers admit that they look for deals before making a buying decision. Such deals include coupons, discounts, and other price offers.

A whopping number of Americans are still crazy for coupons. 40% of those who use the coupons feel smarter every time the coupons save them money, wherein 40% of those who miss the chance to use coupons feel like they have left a big opportunity.

Perhaps, you have tried to use the coupons unsuccessfully, don’t be discouraged. This article provides seven practical tips on how to use coupons.

1. Learn the Basics

The first step is to plan and organize yourself. You should not rush to register for any coupon system only because your friends are doing it or because you have seen an advert.

As an informed customer, you should find out the different coupon types and understand their policies. The terms and conditions for the policies are written in simple English, and so you should read them to avoid joining the wrong plan or making mistakes along the way.

You should also understand the right procedure to use when redeeming your coupon. Your cashier/customer service staff should explain to you every detail regarding the couponing systems. 

2. Start Small

It’s normal to have high expectations when you finally buy the coupons. However, you should not let the excitement overwhelm you to the point of avoiding the small coupons.

Most coupons allow customers to save small amounts only at the beginning. If you show progress, the amount continues to increase. So, don’t let the desire to save more cash stop you from accepting the small savings coupons.

Just maintain loyalty, and you will qualify for the more significant coupons. The same case applies to multiple deals and stores. You should only stick to one or two coupons from one store. With time, you can diversify and get multiple coupons from many stores.

When you start small, you get enough time to learn from your mistakes without suffering huge losses.

3. Be Cautious on Coupon Buying Sites

Coupon buying websites are everywhere.  The sheer volume of these sites has increased competition, and some firms have opted to lower prices to beat the competition.

While the low prices are lucrative, customers are warned to be cautious because some buying sites never deliver their promises. Here are some of the things to consider before choosing the best coupon buying site:

The market coverage: The ideal site should cover your geographical location.

The products: Some sites only buy coupons for certain products, especially the non-perishable ones. Be keen before you sell your coupon.

The sorting features. The right site should be easy to navigate. It should have all the features that a coupon holder requires. You don’t have to visit the company’s geographical location to sell or buy a coupon when you can do the work online.

Lastly, you should confirm that the site is reputable and offers real deals. You may check the weekly dollar general penny deals here. 

4. Be Kind, Respectable, and Considerate

Cashiers make mistakes. They might not always deliver as per your expectations. Often, you will disagree with them over small issues.

The last thing that you should do at such a moment is to create a scene. Otherwise, how will you show your face there again after all the drama? Mistakes happen, and you should learn to handle coupon issues in a kind and respectable manner.

Stay calm all through and request the cashier to re-scan if you think there was a mistake. 

5. Keep Your Coupons Well

Couponing requires organization. You might quickly lose track of them if you disorganize them. Here are common methods on how you can store your coupons:

  • The binder method: The binder method works best if you have enough time to update it. It’s easy to sort too!
  • The spiral method: This method is best for people with only a few coupons.
  • Digital coupons: Thanks to technology, you don’t need to keep on printing your coupon. You can store them on your digital device.

Other coupon organization methods include the wallet, zippered bags, a big basket, the accordion file, and so on. The idea is to ensure that the coupons are safe from theft or external damage. 

6. Know How To Save More Money

The last step on how to use coupons effectively is to save more money. Now that you understand the coupon basics, why not increase your savings?

One great tip to maximize your savings is to get multiple stores. As mentioned earlier, you should only get coupons from various stores only when you are a couponing expert. However, you are still prone to coupon risks, and you should compare offers to choose the best.

Here are other practical tips on how to save more money by using coupons:

  • Leave children at home; they might bring in additional expenses and make it hard to save.
  • Create a budget before you leave home and stick to it.
  • Shop with cash; a credit card can be tempting, and you may end up spending more than you had planned.
  • Carry all your coupons when going to the store.
  • Don’t forget to buy the Sunday paper every week. Most manufacturers put their coupon fliers on newspapers every Saturday, and the Sunday paper would help you get the couponing information before it’s too late.

7. Keep Learning

Every day is a learning opportunity. Don’t rest and assume that you know everything about coupons when you start saving.

You can still learn more from your friends and other people.  All you need is to read news articles that discuss coupons. You can also join multiple online communities. Your interactions with like-minded people can help you learn more coupon tricks and strategies.

Take Your Time in Learning How To Use Coupons

Don’t rush things. Take your time to get all the information you need on how to use coupons. 

Familiarize yourself with the mistakes that many people make and know how to avoid them. By so doing, you will have a smoother and peaceful time when you finally get many coupons from multiple stores.

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