5 Important Things Every Home Aquarium Needs

You can’t wait to start your new aquarium—but do you know which aquarium products you need to keep your fish healthy and safe?

There’s a lot more to aquariums than just a tank and water—you need the right tools and equipment to monitor your tank, recreating fish and plants’ natural environment.

To learn more, please keep reading to find out five key products every aquarium needs—plus why they’re so important.

1. pH Strips

When you set out to buy aquarium products, be sure to pick up pH strips. These are small strips of paper that you’ll regularly use to check the pH levels in the tank.

This is essential because if your levels are off, it can put the health of your fish and plants at risk.

For most freshwater fish, a pH range of 6.8-8.0 is acceptable. However, this varies for saltwater fish and certain species, so always consult an expert.

2. Lighting

The lighting in your tank will mimic sunlight, providing energy and oxygen to the living creatures in your tank.

If you’re new to aquariums, fluorescent and LED bulbs are good choices since they don’t use up too much energy but still provide enough light for smaller tanks.

3. Water Heater

Many aquarium fish and plants are delicate, requiring their water to be at a certain temperature. If your tank water becomes too hot or cold, they could be at risk—this is especially true for many species of tropical fish.

For that reason, a water heater is one of the most important fish aquarium products. You’ll also want to attach a thermometer to the tank so you can keep an eye on the temperature.

4. Substrate

The substrate is a fancy word for the natural covering of the bottom of your fish tank. Many people use gravel, stones, or rocks.

However, the substrate isn’t just important for looks. It also helps your plants develop their roots and helps bacteria grow, which is essential to the health of your tank.

5. Phytoplankton

Another aquarium essential is live phytoplankton. If you have organisms in your tank like snails or shrimp, they depend on phytoplankton as a food source.

Make sure you know exactly what and how to feed each animal in your tank.

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Be Sure to Purchase These Aquarium Products for Your New Tank

If you want your new tank to stay healthy, you’ll need the right aquarium products. Use the guidelines above as a shopping list, working out everything you’ll need to have before bringing your new fish home.

Your local aquarium speciality shop or website should be able to answer any of your questions, ensuring you create the ideal environment for your new friends. Get started today, and you will love the fun of having your aquarium!

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