5 interesting and 6 fun facts about Colombia you should know in 2022

You want to find out fun facts about Colombia but, you probably don’t even know where on Earth Colombia is located … take it easy; this article aims to tell you all those details. Colombia is in South America, very close to Venezuela and Brazil, and borders the Pacific Ocean.

Colombia is an impressively huge country that outstands by its natural beauty. Its beaches, resorts, and fauna diversity are just some elements that have taken tourists’ breath away.

It’s a unique country (well, all of the countries are unique). Still, Colombia stands out by what it hosts; it means astonishing ethnicity, the outcome of miscegenation in colony times, many centuries ago.

Apart from this, there are, of course, other facts that may interest you and possibly make you buy an airplane ticket to that marvelous place.

Interesting facts about Colombia

Fun facts about Colombia
Fun facts about Colombia

1. A famous drug dealer was about to pay Colombia’s national debt (but he may have said this jokingly)

Notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar supposedly once pretended to make out he was certainly going to pay Colombia’s national debt of $10bn to improve his terrible reputation and escape the crosshairs of justice.

He made the offer, but it is believed that it was more like a stunt than a severe suggestion from his side; that is, he was probably kidding when he publicly proposed. Yet, Colombian people, especially those living in the slums, did believe in Escobar’s words; in fact, the offer made him a national hero who put Colombia’s interest first.

Henceforth, he was seen as a powerful and wealthy public figure, somebody even more influential than the very president in office. However, what the general public didn’t know was that this was actually the message Escobar wanted officials to get: I am more powerful than you, and I can even save Colombia from this disarray.

2. Colombian women were once voted the sexiest (are they still the sexiest?)

According to the several thousand American men, the website Miss Travel polled at least the result. Miss Travel is a site known for seeking gorgeous women for lonely men who always travel alone, and in 2013 they asked 13,000 single men which nationalities they thought were the sexiest in the world and American men say: Colombian women are best-known for their wide hips and thick thighs.

They also have a pretty round or oval face and Chinese – shaped eyes (I’m probably exaggerating). Their accent is likely one thing that makes them sexy, although there are several Spanish accents in Colombia. In general, women who live in coastal areas such as Medellin and other surrounding states tend to be more voluptuous and with smaller waists (these women are best-known as paisas). Colombian women are generally beautiful, and men looking for Colombian models can easily find them online.

In my own experience, I once had a conversation with a Colombian guy. He claimed Colombian girls who live in the center of the country often envy the attributes of those living in the coastal region. I can’t judge whether it is true, but I conclude that Colombian women deservedly voted the sexiest in 2013.

Colombian woman
Colombian woman

3. Trees in Colombia can grow faster than other places around the world

It’s the first time you may hear about this fact, and it’s worth researching. As per many sources, a tree in Colombia can grow three times faster than in Chile and nine times faster than in Canada, making Colombia land of rich tropical rainforest. However, the reason why choose Chile and Canada as baselines is still questionable.

However, many tourists have stated that if you ever go on a trip to Colombia, you may get surprised streets and avenues are all chock-full of trees and plants of all kinds, mainly shade ones. The green scenery is astounding as such.

Trees are really numerous in parks and places of that sort. Bucaramanga is one of those sites where these green friends abound and grow, regardless of whether this city is teeming with buildings and skyscrapers.

4. Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country in the world

Even though Colombia is not so large, this country is considered the second most biologically diverse world. It is home to over 10 percent of the world’s species.

Other than that, Colombia hosts countless varied ecosystems ranging from the rainforest to the coastal cloud forests and open savannas. A total of 1,821 species of birds live in Colombian territory.

Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country
Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country

5. Priceless Green Colombian emeralds

Emerald mines are located in the Andean mountain ranges in Colombia. There are three significant mines in that region: Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez, two of them currently belong to private companies.

Colombian emeralds are particularly deep green, a colour which makes them priceless objects.

It is important to point out that dark green emeralds are a rare find, but in Colombia, these emeralds occur in the deepest part of the Andean Colombian forest.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about fun facts about Colombia and its people (bear these facts in mind to avoid culture shock).

Fun facts about Colombia and Colombians

1. Colombian people love talking about food

They are seemingly always concerned about what they are going to have for breakfast or lunch the next day.

For example, you can hear a man having a conversation with another guy saying: Did you have arepas today? I think I’m gonna eat la Bocanegra tomorrow – oh yes, they are so delicious (imagine Colombian accent with a lot of mugging).

The fact is that they tend to describe food flavours in a way you may think they are referring to a theatre masterpiece performed by Romeo and Juliet in person.

They just turn a boring-to-be conversation into such a so funny joke.

Colombian people love talking about food
Colombian people love talking about food

2. Patriotism and the word National

Well, this is what many visitors have stated just after having been to Colombia.

Food chains, clothing, malls, apparently everything (or the lion’s share of it), is produced and manufactured in Colombia. But let’s go into something worthy of remark.

If you eat at a Colombian food court, for example, you may realize they truthfully prize their stuff as most food chains are Colombian, which sets this country apart from other South American countries where international influence is fairly noticeable (I’m not pretending to mention any country).

Of course, it doesn’t mean you will find no McDonald’s or Burger King or American food chains there; you will equally see them because they are spread around the world. Still, the number of national food franchises in Colombia is impressive compared to what we see in neighboring countries.

They are also keener on their typical music (vallenato), and national clothing brands are preferred over the imported ones.

Colombian patriotism and the word National
Colombian patriotism and the word National

3. Bats, flying thins in cities

There are bats all over Colombia, just like doves flying over squares in any city of the world.

They fly freely, and people don’t seem to feel scared or have a sort of fright reaction. You may come across one of those bats while walking in the street; they fly from tree to tree.

Imagine getting up for a hike very early in the morning, and running into a bat just flying in front of your face some minutes later.

Luckily, they feed off fruits and blood is not in their diet, so you are not at risk of getting bitten or getting rabies.

4. Men keep the distance from one another (in Santander)

If you visit Santander, you may cop onto something really funny.

It seems that men have a phobia (or a sudden reaction) of making skin contact with each other. This is a peculiar and funny fact at the same time because Colombian people love dancing (even in a sexy way) and such like. Still, apparently, things may be a little bit different from the visitor’s perspective.

It is well-known that all Latinos are happy people but in a Chilean’s opinion, Colombians (mainly Santanderianos) don’t belong to this group of “happy people”.

They only shake hands to say hello and don’t like kissing on the cheek when they first meet somebody (this is Ok, in my book).

However, shaking hands as a personal introduction may be shocking for a young first-time visitor, especially if the tourist comes from a place where all the people are more friendly and kiss on the cheek upon introducing themselves.

5. Colombians make fun of stereotypes

For example, they can make a game of the fact they use shopping bags for the kitchen wastebasket.

Colombians make fun of stereotypes
Colombians make fun of stereotypes

6. Colombians prefer imported coffee

Surprisingly, and despite Colombian coffee’s quality, people there prefer other countries’ coffee for some reason.

Some years ago, a pro-Colombian coffee producers’ campaign was launched on Tv and Youtube to raise awareness and encourage people to prize national coffee and stop drinking foreign brands.

Fun facts about Colombia - Colombians prefer imported coffee
Fun facts about Colombia – Colombians prefer imported coffee

Wich one did you find it interesting? Let us know your opinion and please comment below if you want to read more fun facts about Colombia.

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