Is it bad to buy a used rental car ?

Is it a bad idea to buy a used rental car?

Plenty of people will assume that buying a rental car is not the greatest idea due to the number of people that have used it. It may surprise you to find it quite the opposite: a fantastic idea to save money and own a car that it’s worth every penny. Let see why it is not a bad idea to buy a used rental car.

Regularly maintained

Since a rental car gets used a lot, the rental car companies aim to give each customer an outstanding experience in order to get nice reviews, have customers that return to them and bring more income.

When using a rental car, many of us found this to be quite an enjoyable experience. The rental company made sure the car was very clean, well maintained, and completely safe to drive. To avoid any issues, incidents, and complaints, the rental companies try their best to make sure their fleet is in great condition. For this, they would take each car to be serviced regularly.

You can ask for a copy of the car’s service history in order to show you how it was well taken care of if you decide to buy such a car. The seller would definitely want to make the transaction as hassle-free as possible in order to avoid dealing with a complaint and even a return after the sale is finished.

The rental cars are regularly maintained

Value for money

The prices of rental cars can be fairly low in comparison with similar models on sale. This is due mainly because the sellers are expecting buyers to be reluctant at the high mileage of the car.

When looking to buy a used car, everyone wants to save as much money as possible and rental cars are much cheaper than other used cars. Buyers should take advantage of something not a lot of people know about. For those who want a high-quality car for a low price, rental cars are their best answer.

Complete documentation

Regardless of the car’s year of fabrication, people are always surprised to find out that all the papers are complete and available to check before taking any decision. Having complete documentation in order is the best proof that the rental car was serviced regularly, no matter how often it got used by other drivers.

An interesting fact is that most rental cars are just a few years old which would most likely mean the original warranty from the manufacturer may still remain valid. Buyers can even choose to add extra for an extended warranty period.

Happy buyer of a rental car

Investing in a former rental car will give the buyer plenty of advantages:

  • a regularly maintained car
  • a good price
  • a car with a complete documented incident and servicing history
  • a fairly new model on the market (depending on the budget)

If you still have doubts if it is bad or good to buy a rental car, why not have a visit to a car dealer that sells these auto vehicles? Ask for a test drive and check the papers for the one that triggers your interest. Next, you might end up with your dream car at the best price on the market.

I want to know what you’re thinking. Is it a bad idea to buy a used rental car? Please, leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Is it a bad idea to buy a used rental car?”

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  3. For my last car, I decided to buy a used rental car. It wasn’t on the top of my list, but when it was suggested to me, I thought it was worth checking out. I’m glad that I did because it was such an easy process.

    Not only was the car in very good condition, but the mileage was decent for the ae, and the price was just what I was looking to pay. I have always dreaded dealing with pricing and haggling over the best deal, but the dealer I worked with had a set price in place so I didn’t have to deal with that process.

    I highly recommend that you at least consider the option to buy a used rental car when you are shopping around for your next car. Even if you choose to go another way, at least you have looked at all the options.

  4. I am going off of my own experience. I bought a Nissan that was used as a rental a few years ago. It had a little less than thirty thousand miles. Which most rentals do have less than forty thousand miles on them. She ran great she was quiet and got me where I needed to go.

    There were little things like a couple of stains and a dent on the driver’s side. I see nothing wrong with buying a car that is used as a rental there aren’t many miles and they aren’t high priced. Most rental companies actually take very good care of their rental cars as well.

    Also when I bought my car I had the factory warranty on it but the company also gave me a ten thousand mile warranty as well. To me, it was like driving a new car.
    I had no problems. She ran smooth and quiet. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with buying a used rental.

  5. I remember when I was in the market for a car couple of years ago, many experts suggested not to buy a pre-owned rental car. Since I was on a budget and a pre-owned rental car was on sale for a great price, I couldn’t turn it down.

    Before I made my purchase I did my research, I read on every forum and Facebook pages on what to look for when buying a pre-owned rental car.
    Luckily everyone was helpful and recommended me to ask for the vehicle’s service history, and to test drive the car. I did all of that plus I brought a mechanic with me to take a look at the car more in-depth.

    Once I knew the car was in great condition, I made my purchase. Buying a used rental car can be a fantastic idea if the vehicle is in good condition. Make sure to look at the service records and overall condition of the car.

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