Are You Due For a License Renewal? 5 Tips to Survive Your Visit to the DMV

No one looks forward to going to the DMV. It’s not just about losing time, but also money.

Waiting in those long lines, it is almost certain that you’ll at least lose half a day’s wage. Not to mention that you’ll still have to pay for any fees that’ll be accompanying your visit.

Read over these 5 tips to help make a driver’s license renewal, license plate replacement, and any other DMV obligations less daunting.

1. Make an Appointment

You heard that right. You can make appointments at your convenience. That being said, make sure you plan.

Appointments begin to fill up as soon as they are made available. So, plan accordingly. Find a date that is best for your busy schedule and book at your convince. 

DMV appointments can be made up to 90 days in advance. This should give you a good break. Just remember to set a reminder on your calendar so you won’t forget the date.

2. License Renewal Online

Before you even consider making an appointment online, check to see if the service can be performed online. 

Yes, folks, the DMV is slowly but surely moving into the 21st century. License renewal, license plate renewal, and even tags can be done online. 

You may want to check online though, some states offer even more services online. Think of the time you’d save!

3. Have all your Paperwork

The most disappointing thing would be having to wait in line at your local DMV and being turned away due to incorrect paperwork. Not only have you made a pointless trip, but you’d have to deal with the DMV a second time.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for the service you require. Know before you go.

Don’t know what you need? You can find out online or by calling your local DMV if you have the time.

Make a checklist, and prepare your documents. Don’t forget them at home either.

4. Check-in before you Get-in

Is there no appointment available for your date? No problem. Many DMVs and centres offer check-in services before you even set foot in the office.

Think of this as a friend saving a spot for you in line. A really good friend, since they’re waiting at the DMV.

Check your local wait time and plan accordingly.

5. Know your options

DMV’s have different wait times. A location outside the city may have a shorter wait time. You can look up locations online and determine if the 30-minute drive over is worth saving a few hours in line.

Since we are talking about options, find out about payment options. Like many government buildings, the DMV also wants your money.

This could be in something as small as a credit card fee. If a fee seems like a deal-breaker, bring cash. I mean, who doesn’t like saving money.

Find out more about how they can help you.

Stay Calm

Let’s be honest, no one likes going to the DMV. These 5 tips should assist you in either avoiding the need to wait at the DMV or making the trip a fast one.

So, make an appointment, have all your paperwork, check in, and know your options. License renewal and plenty of other tasks can be done online.

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