Manufacturer vs Aftermarket Car tracker systems

Modern cars have a lot of technology built within them to increase our comfort levels, allow the automation of specific tasks, and increase safety and security.

Things like navigation systems, automatic windscreen wipers, parking sensors, digital radios have been around for decades. More recently, bird’s eye view cameras, radar technology, or automatic reverse parking have been some of the newer features that the car manufacturers introduced to the options list. But one of the most recent innovations to make their way into the most cutting-edge cars have been GPS location tracking technology.

After installing an app onto their phone, owners of these vehicles can see where their car physically is at the touch of a button and even have their driving style analyzed and rated by the built-in software.

Real time Gps Tracking explained

So, if you own one of these cars, why would you then invest in an aftermarket GPS tracker system? Quite often, the reason is that an insurance company has insisted on having one installed as a condition of your policy cover. 

This requirement leaves many people wondering why they are being forced to if they already have tracking technology in their car. The main reason is that the insurance underwriter knows that manufacturer-installed units are not usually robust enough to withstand attacks by the modern car thief.

Because cars are built on production lines, this allows them to be built relatively quickly and keeps the costs down, but this means that a standard car tracker system will always be installed in the same standard place, with the same standard software to power them. 

Based on this information, car thieves will always know where they are, allowing them to physically destroy or digitally disable the unit using widely available manufacturer diagnostic software.

According to Thatcham Research specifications, aftermarket GPS tracker systems, like the ones supplied by, overcome this weakness because accredited engineers install these systems in random places within a vehicle. This means that an engineer will always hide the units behind panels requiring tools to access and blend the wires into the factory wiring to make them difficult to spot. 

Aftermarket Gps system

Combined with the fact that these car tracker systems are powered by their own proprietary software, which is not widely available, aftermarket GPS tracker systems are better equipped to withstand attempts to disable them. This gives the owner of a stolen vehicle a chance that exceeds 90% to recover it successfully.

But what if you are lucky enough to find that there is an aftermarket GPS tracker system already installed in the car that you have just bought? Unfortunately, in many cases, the initial pleasant feeling is quickly replaced by disappointment when it occurs that the annual subscription cost to keep the system monitored is as much as £500 per year. 

If the car is kept in the UK for an average of 3 years before it is part exchanged for another one, then the total cost of subscription services comes to £1500! If you find yourself in this situation, you definitely need to head over to to discover that you could save up to £1000 (including subscription), by installing a new system.