Main Things To Consider When Choosing Oak Doors in the UK

One of the first things that people see when they reach your home is your front door. That’s why when choosing exterior doors it’s important to think about their appearance and overall impact on your home. Oak doors are one of the best choices for front doors in the UK. Aside from looking great, oak doors are also very durable. But, when it comes to choosing an oak door, what are the main things that you should consider?

Why Choose Oak?

With the various door materials available in the market, why should you choose to buy a door made from oak?

  • Oak versus Steel  – internal or external oak doors compared to steel are more durable, particularly solid oak wood doors. Solid oak can withstand dent, scraping, and warping.
  • Oak versus Fiberglass – oak does not fade compared to fiberglass and can withstand being placed in any location without fading. This, not fading, isn’t true with other wood varieties since certain hardwoods tend to fade with direct sunlight exposure. Another great advantage of oak is its appearance, nothing can beat the look and feel of oak doors.
  • Oak versus Composite – compared to composite doors, oak wood is more aesthetically pleasing, plus natural solid oak doors add value to any property.
  • Oak versus PVC – oak unlike PVC is environmentally friendly. It is also much easier to replace locks and doorknobs on oak doors as compared to PVC.
  • Oak versus Glass – when it comes to security and durability, oak wood tops glass. Oak is more secure and keeps heat and cold better than glass.
  • Oak versus Aluminum – oak doors not only look more natural and beautiful compared to aluminum but it is also more energy-efficient.
Oak Door in UK

Why is Oak Better Compared With Other Wood Types?

With many wood varieties available in the market what makes Oak better than other hardwoods?

Oak vs. Mahogany 

  • Pros of Mahogany

Mahogany is known for its durability and beauty. Its straight grains and various shades make it a great choice for doors.

  • Cons of Mahogany

Mahogany is very expensive and it’s an endangered species. The fact that it’s endangered makes it hard to purchase this wood type since countries consider cutting down this tree illegal.

Why Oak is Better

Oak, though also a pricey hardwood, is not as expensive as Mahogany. It offers the same beautiful grains and natural hardwood charm without the problems of high price and import issues. Oak, unlike Mahogany, is plentiful and not endangered.

Oak vs. Pine

  • Pros of Pine 

Pine is inexpensive and stains quite well. You can find pine in many rustic designs since its white or yellowish appearance gives off a very cosy, country vibe. It can develop a nice patina which can make doors made from it to resist swelling and shrinking. 

  • Cons of Pine

Pine scratches and dents easily which makes it unsuitable for external doors or any door that goes under hard wear and use.

Why Oak is Better

Oak can withstand hard wear and use making it suitable for almost any door. Oak is also very good with insulation and preventing break-ins since it is a very durable hardwood.

Oak vs. Alder

  • Pros of Alder

Alder is a well-known hardwood like maple and cherry. It’s a durable wood that can last a long time similar to other hardwoods. It is also weather resistant making it great for external doors. It can be used as a substitute for rare hardwoods because of its gorgeous grains. 

  • Cons of Alder

Alder tends to fade over time and it is also the softest of the hardwoods in the market.

Why Oak is Better

Oak does not fade and is harder compared to Alder. It can withstand being kicked. Breaking it down using crossbars and other intrusion tools can be hard especially if the door is made of solid oak.

Things To Consider When Choosing Oak Doors

  • Security – not all oak door types offer the same type of security. For example, solid wood doors though pricey offer more insulation and protection compared to other door types. When you are buying oak doors  it’s good to ask yourself the following questions below:
    • Is it hard to kick or break down?
    • Does the structure easily warp or dent?
    • Is it compatible with standard quality locks?
    • Can the structure withstand weather conditions?
    • Does it need an automatic sliding door opener?
  • Insulation – similar to different door types, oak doors can come with different insulating properties. Solid oak can provide more insulation than hollow core oak doors. Poorly insulated doors can cause your bills to soar especially during the summer and winter. Not all oak doors have good thermal insulation, so it’s important to check.
    • Does it fit your doorway accurately?
    • Can its mass keep in heat and cold?
    • Does it come with sealing?
  • Longer Durability – oak doors need to withstand both time and continuous wear. Not all doors have the same lifespan, when choosing a door it’s important to consider the lifespan as well.
    • Can it last for more than 30 years?
    • Can it withstand various weather conditions?
    • Is it treated to be fire resistant?
    • Is it treated to be pest-resistant?

Your Door, Your Choice

Regardless of what oak door design and structure you choose for your oak door in the UK, it’s important to select a door that’s secure, can last for a long time, and adds value to your home. Oak doors can give you the security, aesthetics, and investment value that can last for decades.