Best Free Online Trivia Games to play with your family and friends

When looking for fun activities with friends and family, one of the easiest and funniest way to get rid of boredom is by playing trivia games. 

Trivia games are similar to quizzes in format. There are several questions to which each game participant needs to answer in a certain amount of time.

The questions follow miscellaneous topics and can cover all life areas:

  • recent news
  • important dates
  • cities and countries
  • scientific facts
  • art and museums
  • discoveries
  • personalities across the world
  • daily facts 
  • random advice
  • music
  • cultural events
  • army
  • education
  • languages
  • movies
  • celebrations and religious events
  • different customs across the globe
  • sports
  • beverage
  • food
  • famous sayings
  • guess the logos

A good quiz will touch on many topics, creating a relaxing atmosphere for all players regardless of age and background.

Who can play trivia games?

Everyone can participate in these games as long as they understand the subjects touched and word out (verbally or in writing) an answer, be it correct or wrong.

Most of these games are played by young adults and adults between 18-35 years and people over 50’s. However, there are quizzes addressed to the younger generation as well. 

As with all games, there isn’t an age limit for players. What happens is that different generations will have other facts to discuss, separate memories that become useful in responding to the game’s questions.

Places to play trivia games

Setting a place for a trivia game depends on the audience and the locations available for this.

Let’s say that someone intends to have a night game at their own home with their family. Another person might choose a well-known spot to meet with friends and acquaintances – a picnic area, the beach, etc.

Quizzes and trivia are commonly played in:

  • local pubs
  • libraries
  • community centres
  • different clubs and associations
  • at parties
  • during festive community events
  • at weddings and other celebrations
  • as a team in an office / across other departments in the same company
  • at school events
  • as starters/plenaries in lessons
  • online on varied websites
  • online via Zoom, Meet or Team 
  • via dedicated apps

The best trivia websites

With so many websites that can offer free and paid quizzes and trivia type question generators, it is difficult to have a well-rounded opinion on the best websites providing trivia challenges.

To find the optimal website, having a good idea about your audience (age, background), knowing where the game will take place, and having some vague notion of the desired topic makes the job easier.

Here are some examples that might help set your game event or trivia evening easier:


This excellent and utterly free jam-packed trivia site offers a massive collection of unique and fascinating trivia questions and answers to suit all ages. It features over twenty different categories, which means there are going to be questions to suit everyone’s interests. 

All of the more common categories are featured, including:

  • Art Trivia
  • Science Trivia
  • Sports Trivia
  • Geography Trivia 
  • History Trivia

It also features more intriguing categories containing questions that will test even the most avid trivia quiz masterminds, including; Design and Industry Trivia, Trailblazing Trivia, Words and Languages Trivia. There are even trivia questions for all the young budding brainbox masterminds out there, located in the Kids Trivia section.

The site is quite simple to use; just select a category from the main menu. Then hey presto, you are greeted with an incredible collection of the best unique trivia questions and answers around. 

TriviaBucket has 1000’s of fun and exciting questions to keep everyone entertained. 

When you settle on a question like “What is a baby squirrel called?” or “What sport is nicknamed the sport of kings?” you then simply click on the answer button, and the answer is revealed instantly. In many cases, you will get an added nugget of information or some relevant context relating to the question or answer, making things even more interesting for those involved.

Trivia games in the family

How to Get the Most out of Using TriviaBucket 

TriviaBucket caters to any number of players. The best way for a group to get the most enjoyment is to logon together at the same time using a pc, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. and ask each other questions using the mixed trivia function or indeed select the questions from the various categories provided. 

One person is assigned as the quizmaster, and the group can decide on how many questions each person needs to answer. For example, ten questions for each participant while choosing the categories, e.g., sport, music, science, etc. 

The only other thing left to do is decide whether the questions will be asked individually, one after another, or as a group all at once. If you decide on the individual approach, it tends to be more fun to give the person their answers verbally. Otherwise, solutions can be written down and revealed when asked to do so by the quizmaster. 

If you need score sheets and templates, you can use the free downloadable pre-made quizzes available on the site.

Enjoy Some Trivia Quiz Time with People around the World

Modern technology has meant the trivia quizzes are no longer something that needs to occur in just one location, such as in the home or a pub. 

The introduction of screen share technology and live video calling means that people in different areas can enjoy TriviaBucket at the same time. One person (the quizmaster) can share their screen with the group when logged onto TriviaBucket and then ask the others on the video call to answer the quiz questions. 

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you will undoubtedly benefit from downloading the pre-made themed quizzes featured on the site.

Use the Free Downloadable Pre-made Trivia Quizzes

TriviaBucket provides some awesome pre-made themed trivia quizzes for FREE. It’s super handy; you simply click on the Free Quizzes section and download the PDFs. You can then print a ready to go trivia quiz suitable for all ages and knowledge levels. 

Some of these spectacular quiz titles include :

  • “The Tree-Mendous Christmas Trivia Quiz,” 
  • “The Spooktacular Halloween Trivia Quiz,” 
  •  “The Awesome Do It Yourself Trivia Quiz Starter Kit.” a real gem that is worth its weight in gold.

This trivia quiz starter kit will walk you through step by step to create and run your fun and engaging quiz to enjoy with friends, family, work colleagues, or whoever. It includes everything you need to get your quiz up and running in a matter of minutes, including pre-made quiz rounds and bonus questions, answer sheets, fascinating facts, quizmaster instructions and advice, and much more!

TriviaBucket is a great place to visit if you are looking for the best fun and engaging trivia questions to test yourself and others while at the same time having bucket loads of fun along the way!


It offers quizzes and live trivia games as well as a party app. There is also a section in which you can create new quizzes to share with others. 

The Sporcle website is packed with information and might look a bit confusing to the naked eye. Once you get accustomed, you will create a free account where you can save your favourite games and add your creations.

Fun Trivia

There are plenty of quizzes on varied topics that can be accessed for free after signing up on their website. 

As with the other websites, users can save chosen quizzes from the Fun Trivia page and create their own trivia games.

This site is geared toward a younger audience and can be used for educational environments like schools, day centres, youth clubs, and so on.

They also have a chat section that might benefit people wanting to get in touch with others with similar interests.


It’s free to create an account; however, some features require a paid subscription. 

This quiz platform works well online and can be accessed by anyone that receives the game pin. 

What’s excellent about Kahoot! is that there is a great database filled with trivia on a wide variety of topics worldwide. New users can choose to save their favourite quizzes or create new ones.

Kahoot can be used for fun family get-togethers, as an icebreaker for new groups, or as a remote and in-class learning tool.

These websites will come in handy when planning for your next day or evening of entertainment. Rather than spending hours finding information on funny general knowledge questions, then writing down both questions and answers, now everyone can easily access a multitude of trivia questions at the tip of their fingers.