How to organize and declutter your desk

Are you trying to work in a messy and cluttered space? It’s hard to stay focused when your space isn’t tidy. Everything gets in the way, you don’t know where to find important documents, and it’s so easy to push things off of the desk without meaning to.

It’s time to organize and declutter your desk.

This is a small project, and it’s a great first start to a total home office organization overhaul. Get organized and declutter your desk and you’ll find that you’re more motivated to take on the room!

Keep reading for a few helpful tips on how to get started.

Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a total gamechanger when it comes to decluttering your space. How many of your drawers look more like junk drawers than professional office drawers? No judgment; we understand.

You can make your own DIY drawer organizers with materials that you have around the house, or you can buy them pre-made for easy use. 

Get Rid of Excess 

When you declutter you have to get rid of things. How many extra odds and ends do you have cluttering up your desk? 

Start with things that belong elsewhere and place them in a box to move them later. Then, move onto anything that should go in the trash. This includes documents that you no longer need, torn bits of paper, inkless markers and pens, and anything else that you’re clinging to for no reason. 

Even that small change will make a huge difference.

Unpacking, organize and declutter

Divide and Organize Documents

Of the documents that you’ve kept, are they arranged the right way? When we spend all of our work time flipping through documents, it’s easy to let them get messy and out of hand.

It’s a good idea to keep one large binder and use binder divider tabs to keep everything in place and organized. This way you never have to go hunting for the document that you need. 

Buy Extra Storage

Sometimes people let their spaces get cluttered because they don’t have enough space to store things. Instead of getting more space, they let things pile up. 

It’s worth the few dollars that it would cost to buy some affordable storage options, like extra boxes or a cheap set of drawers. You’ll be shocked at how much easier to is to stay organized when you invest in your space like this. 

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

When you’re trying to stay tidy after the initial desk organization, focus on making sure everything has its own place. If something doesn’t fit into a category, consider whether or not you need it.

This makes it easier to keep a tidy desk. Instead of throwing your highlighter to the side when you’re done using it, it goes into the “highlighter” section of your drawer. Instead of stacking papers and leaving them to deal with later, they go into their proper sections of your binder.

This will change your life. 

Organized workspace

Time to Organize and Declutter Your Desk

This is a small project, but it’s an important one! You’ll love how much more motivation you’ll have for work, and how easy it will be to find all of the things that you need. 

Why stop at your desk? Once you’re done, it’s time to organize and declutter your entire office space!

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