Prepare your boiler and your central heating system for the winter

Maintaining a healthy central heating system is important to almost every household for several reasons. But the main ones being the high cost of repairing it when it breaks down (the inconvenience it may cause in the middle of the winter) and uncomfortably high monthly bills that come as a result of poorly maintained boilers.

So, to save yourselves from all of the aforementioned potential problems, we will provide you with some tips on what to do with your central heating system before the cold weather kicks in.

Preparing the central heating system for the winter

Additionally, we will look into different available boiler installation options for those who are looking to upgrade their existing boilers.

Annual boiler servicing

Servicing your boiler is one of the most important tasks you should be doing annually. A simple boiler service can bring several benefits to your household, which will ensure:

•          Your boiler is always running at a high efficiency

•          You are not overpaying for the bills

•          You are not confronted with unexpected breakdowns

•          Your boiler is not emitting unsafe gases into your household

Boiler service can be completed by an engineer that is registered with Gas Safe authorities. It can take up to 2 hours at most and cost up to £100, which is relatively low compared to a boiler installation that can cost you from £1300 if you don’t keep your maintenance schedule up to date.

Anual boiler servicing

Owning a high efficiency boiler

Boilers are rated according to their efficiency in converting fuel to heat as a percentage. This rating is called SEDBUK – Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

SEDBUK ratings are from A to G, A-rated boilers being more than 90% efficient. Only A-rated boilers have efficiencies of over 90% carry the Energy Saving Recommended logo.

If you suspect that your boiler energy bills are higher than they should be, or if your neighbors are paying way less for the same size of property than you are, then it would be worth consulting with a gas engineer to see if the boiler needs servicing, or if the boiler itself is outdated. You would benefit from a new high-efficiency combi boiler.

Heating controls

Importance of heating controls

When it comes to heating your home efficiently then a full set of heating controls is just as essential as the right kind of boiler.

As their name implies, heating controls allow you to choose when the heating is on, how warm it is, and where you want the warmth. They will also make sure that the boiler is only turned on when it needs to be.

Fitting the up to date controls could typically save you a considerable amount each month on your heating bill.

And if you combine a well-designed heating thermostat with an up to date combi boiler, you could cut your heating bills up to £170 a year. That does not sound much, right? But if you multiply this number by 10 years, then the new boiler can pay back itself at a slow pace.

What do heating controls consist of?

Room thermostat and time programmer

A properly controlled heating system should typically have the following:

•          A time programmer

•          A room thermostat

Are your heating controls setup correctly?

Take a little time to find out what each control does use our quick guide below, and you could save money and valuable energy. If you have any of these controls already, refer to the instruction manuals that came with them for specific advice on your particular make and model.

If you don’t have any manuals to hand, copies can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

How would I obtain a high efficiency boiler?

Before looking to buy a new up to date boiler and compatible heating controls, you should ensure that your home is insulated and fitted with high energy rating windows, which will complement your new boiler.

Worcester boiler upgrade

Once this has been done, your first step when buying a new boiler should be to source at least three quotes from your local Gas Safe engineers. One of the best ways to find a reliable installer is to ask around – and get a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or relative.       

Once the installation had been completed, your installer will be able to tell you when you need to get your boiler serviced. Any maintenance work on your boiler should also be carried out by a properly registered professional in years to come.

Please remember to keep any boiler-related certificates in a safe place. You’ll need them when you sell your home.