Reasons to join the military and benefits obtained after leaving the Service

Have you ever contemplated joining the military of your country? If you say yes, then this is the article for you. These reasons to join the military may suffice to persuade you to make that decision. In case you haven’t thought about being in the armed forces, see this article as a guide to benefits if you decide to leap. And the benefits may be available for good!

No matter if you are thinking about joining because of patriotism or simply duty, or because you want some action and adventure. Or, maybe, because you would like a steady job in the middle of a weak economic system. What’s true is that there is always a good reason for such a decision. Pay attention to these ideas to be part of the military.

11 Reasons to join the military:

1. You are a nationalist; you would like to defend your nation since you have a sense of duty. Military service is a way to serve the people of your country. Walter Reuther was right when he said that there was no greater calling than to serve your people. He also said that there was no greater contribution than to assist the weak because those actions gave satisfaction. This quote explains the meaning of serving. Once you join the military, you will understand these words.

2. You can join the military because you would like to be a member of one of the world’s oldest clubs. Being part of the military immediately makes you a member of one of the world’s oldest clubs. It is not hard to share and hear stories and anecdotes with other group members, which helps you gain acceptance, partake in other clubs, find interesting jobs, and get other benefits you never thought of. Being a veteran is something gratifying.

Reasons to join the military - Salary and extra benefits
Reasons to join the military – Salary and extra benefits

3.  Employment in a depressed economy. Many countries have been going through a down economy over the last few years; they have endured high levels of unemployment, inflation, and the scarcity of good jobs. If you have been looking for a job, contemplate joining the military, because it provides opportunities to get other jobs for those who have a degree in medicine or any other career, and for those who have never committed any crime.[wp_ad_camp_1]

4.  Salary and extra benefits. A new second lieutenant can start at over $20,000 a year in the United States, not to mention the added monthly allowances which come to $3,000, depending on the headquarters he or she was stationed. On the other hand, an enlisted person can start with a salary of $20,000 a year in countries like Canada, without including the additional allowances of around $1,500 depending on the province, district, or state.

Also, consider that both enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses are generally over $20,000. After serving for 3 years, some members trained in Navy or nuclear practices earn other bonuses that surpass $90,000 for re-enlisting. As for student loans, they can raise to $40,000. The military also offers you the unique opportunity to a pension after 20 years of service.

Military retirement pay can reach 50-75% of the final three base salaries before leaving the army. In some cases, retirees can receive more than 75% of their base salary, so the income is one of the strongest reasons to join the military.

5.  Servicemen can get full medical coverage for them and their beloved ones. All the military members can opt for full health care benefits for themselves and their relatives as soon as they start serving, but those who stay through until retirement can take these benefits with them once they leave the military.

These health benefits cover their relatives or immediate family; it means spouses and children, and dependent parents in some instances. The option of being eligible for temporary military health care benefits after leaving the service is also available.

Military members receive full medical coverage
Military members receive full medical coverage

6. Skill improvement and training. The military offers advanced technical training in an array of fields as well as the opportunity to receive additional training out of the headquarters.

Many military members go to college because their tuition is paid by tuition assistance. Additionally, it’s also possible to use the training opportunities to go ahead within the career field of their preference, earn diplomas or college degrees which are very useful if they want to prepare themselves to go back into civilian life.

7. A great opportunity to be a leader. Military leadership is one of the best ways to improve the resume, especially if you’re thinking about studying another career. If you were seeking to hire someone, would you want to take on someone with proven skills and experience and a degree, or someone who’s just graduated from school or college? The experienced professional would be the priority.

8. Servicemen have travel opportunities and vacation time. The US military counts on facilities around the world. Besides that, some armies pay the travelling expenses and provide vacation time bonuses.

When a soldier is in the off-duty time, he or she is free to travel and visit other places. The military gives you around 30 days of paid leave every year, not to say that weekends and federal holidays are excluded. On the other hand, we have some military forces which count on several resorts in other countries.

For example, the Hale Koa resort in Hawaii belongs to the US army. There are other resorts for the soldiers in countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea. The great part of the military installations also have accommodations, also known as military hotels, where they can stay and have fun at a much lower price.

Paid traveling expenses and holiday time
Paid travelling expenses and holiday time

Benefits obtained After Leaving the Service

9.  It’s possible to get other education opportunities after leaving the service. In the United States, the new GI Bill benefits veterans who served no less than 36 months with a monthly living stipend and full tuition in a prestigious college if they want to enrich their CV even more. However all depends on how long the service member commits, but those benefits can equally be transferred to spouses and children.

10.  The benefit of purchasing a home with no money in the pocket. The army offers the opportunity to buy a home through a loan application. In the United States, this loan is called VA. This benefit can be used by people who are still serving or by those who have already left the army.

11.  Military retirement is worth bunches of money, maybe a million dollars. A serviceman with a monthly salary of $100,000 per year can start earning $48,000 in his or her 40’s. To put it starkly, a veteran’s pension can reach $4,000. It’s important to say that an officer can retire at 40 years old, or after 20 years of service. He or she can earn around $480,000 and $960,000 in 10 and 20 years. Besides the pay, they can also enjoy health care coverage plus an income from a second job if they choose to have a sideline. The annual cost of living adjustments improves the monthly income of most pensioners as well.

Military retirement
Military retirement

What are the Downsides of joining the armed forces?

Many people believe that serving is the same as being constantly exposed to danger. Actually, we can say it’s pretty dangerous to join the military. But some experts state that most military specialties are not more hazardous than the civilian jobs. It all depends on the service and the career; they are factors that determine the risk level.

In the event of death, the military member or the VA offers lifetime benefits for their relatives. The family is provided death gratuity benefit, for example, in the USA, they receive $400,000 lump plus social security and indemnity monthly pays for years, and the possibility of VA benefit transference. It goes without saying that the service time is never taken for granted.

Joining the Military is not for everybody
Joining the Military is not for everybody

What else can you learn about the military? Well, if you are willing to become more acquainted with what the army is, you can talk with a former military member.

Keep in mind that everyone has a unique experience and that you can’t take an anecdote as the only reference. Also, consider that each military branch is different.

Remember that a 20-year serviceman’s experience cannot be compared with the one of somebody serving in the military, navy or armed forces.

Once you have collected enough information, start by filling out the virtual form on the army’s website. The registration in each country is also different, so do your own research on the steps to follow to be part of the team.

In a nutshell, serving is not for everybody but doing it certainly pays off in the long run.