Reasons to quit your job

17 Strong reasons to leave a job in 2021

Why quit to find a better job that gives you more money and benefits? Why would you do something like that? Is that the kind of decision that should be made with extreme care? Saying “I quit” is not as easy as many people think.

It’s a buccaneering decision, especially if you don’t have a sideline or another income. This article glosses the grounds for quitting a job for something better or more convenient. 

There are strong reasons to leave a job, and all of them have something in common:

1. Life is too short

Life is way too short. You shouldn’t:

  • Come back from work with a bad attitude because your job is too dull and soul-destroying.
  • Work for a terrible boss. 
  • Feel left in the cold because of the low salary. 
  • Be unhappy. That’s something that shouldn’t be happening to you if you have a job. Let’s pretend that your daughter tells you: “I don’t like my job, I feel frustrated, bored and I think I’m getting nowhere” – Would you suggest her to look for another job? Will you follow the same advice?.

2. When you notice that your contribution is not essential or required

Everybody has different ideas. And we like it when our thoughts are appreciated. It’s gratifying to see how the company materializes our ideas. But it’s discouraging to see your boss laughing at your work and thoughts. In the end, you won’t make much of his words and actions. Life is too short of paying attention to some people.

3. When you hate your job

If you are thinking about leaving your job, you must make the right decision. In other words, don’t quit if you don’t want to. One of the best reasons to quit is when you hate your job, but you should have a fallback. It means another position in mind or lined up.

Wait if you are unsure about quitting because that’s a decision that should be made at the right time. Sometimes, you have no other choice but to leave because there are situations that are simply beyond your control. 

One of the most powerful is working in a challenging environment. Use this argument as a strategy for quitting. But do it tactfully, be polite at the moment of doing it so that you won’t sever any ties with the company.

Girl stressed at job

4. When you have found another job

The best reason for leaving a job is when you find a new one. But don’t rush to do everything. The first thing you should do is to cover all the bases by confirming the other job offer. Once you do it, proceed to clean your workstation or office before you step out of the company.

5. Illness or chronic disease

Illness can get you off the office you don’t want to work at anymore. You can invent an excuse saying that one of your beloved ones is sick or that the doctor has found something crippling in you.

Both excuses can be strong reasons for your boss to get rid of you without a problem. Talk to the employer about your continuing health insurance so that you won´t do this at a loss.

6. Tight schedule

It usually happens when you have problems enrolling your child (children) at school or when your kid can no longer be taken care of at the kindergarten. You will need to adjust your schedule and hours, and this could turn out a little complicated. Leaving your job because of schedule issues is a legitimate reason.

7. When you plan to go back to school

When you go back to school, you will have to make some modifications to your agenda. Regularly, school schedules are two big and leave no space for a job in the personal routine. 

8. When changing career is in your plans

Changing a career prompts people to quit because they don’t want to deal with stress or travel for work purposes.

9. Relocation issues

Sometimes it is necessary to relocate because there are other opportunities around or moving to another city. Relocation is one of the most common reasons for quitting unless your company offers you the chance to relocate to another branch office or workstation

Relocation - time for packing

10. If you are looking for a full-time job

If you are looking for a full-time position and your current boss is not willing to give you another schedule, then you should consider seeking to work somewhere else to make more money. Make sure to get the full-time job confirmed before moving on. 

11. Listen to your guts

Listening to what your gut says is another way to make the right decisions. Bear in mind that it helped you choose the job you are currently doing, and it can also help you decide to take the next step. Follow your gut feeling; it’s almost always right, and resign in style.

12. When your job is too stressful

Also, contemplate leaving your job if it is too stressful and if you feel it’s causing damage to your health. Research states that certain job positions impact the individual’s health and capacity of production.

It is normal to feel stressed out, but it’s dangerous if it becomes unsustainable. If you think your job is affecting your health, it’s time to say good-bye right away. 

13. When the job keeps you topped out

If you consider your current job is not giving you the intended rhythm to your career, think about giving notice. It happens when you note there are no other responsibilities, salary raises, or new challenges you would like to take as a professional.

Make sure to be working in a place full of opportunities, but if you see that your career is topped out, the time to look for another job has come. You might like your position, but it’s always best to move onto new challenges.

That’s why it’s recommended to get a job that enables you to advance and grow professionally. According to Gallup, people usually leave when they find no growth for many years. 

Worried woman talkin on the phone

14. If your skills are not appreciated

Being part of a company that lets you grow your skills is advantageous; you can get benefits even if you don’t get promoted. Small companies are well-known for offering their employees the opportunity to develop their skills to the maximum because the management track is almost non-existent.

Entrepreneurial people are always on the prowl for new challenges to improve their skills and do great work. Working for an organization that doesn’t let you try new roles is another reason to update the resume. 

But, some people fail to explore all the opportunities at work. Make ways to let your employer know what you want; you will probably be given a chance to do other tasks and explore different possibilities to grow. Don’t hesitate to have a conversation with your boss about this.

15. When the company’s future seems uncertain

If you are in a company that’s always in legal issues, maybe it’s the right moment to start thinking about a new job in shrinking markets. Enterprises that go through downsizing periods may put you in uncertainty, especially if you are expected to work longer in the organization. 

You might as well stay to cooperate while the company organizes better to endure the transition, but the best option will always be to save yourself. Why? A business with these issues doesn’t guarantee anything for the future; it shuts down performers’ opportunities instead.

It’s up to you to choose between waiting to see what happens or leaving to “save your skin”.

17. If you feel sick of the same thing all the time

Mental tiredness is hands-down, a strong reason to hang your gloves at work. You realize you are mentally checked out when you stop working enthusiastically and with energy. You’re bored, and you don’t care about anything related to your current job. Plain and simple. 

Some companies don’t encourage their employees to perform work with enthusiasm; instead, they prompt them to go through the motions all the time, affecting their careers and their creativity. If this is happening to you, then it’s a sign you need another job that keeps you on your toes passionately. 

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