Self Improvement Tips

Self-improvement“, ’’Growth” – words we often hear …   and yet, only a few of us know how to link these words with the action of becoming a better person.

The question is: ‘Why is this so hard to achieve today when we have so many resources?’.

Everything you want can be found on the internet, one click and you find what you were looking for. The truth is: it’s not that simple.

People nowadays are so caught up in the routine of their daily lives that they tend to forget what it’s really important. They forget what really matters in life. Money comes and goes, friendships are ending, new things happen to us every day and we need to adapt as quickly as possible.

’’How can we do this?’’, someone might ask. Well, it’s simple  – you need to become a better person.

The ultimate slogan we hear so often can make us tired and disappointed.

It’s not that simple for most of us because we don’t know how to be better even though we want to.

We don’t know how to push our limits, destroy our fears, face our demons, slay dragons and come out on the other side with the word ’’victory’’ imprinted on our chests.

For some, it’s hard work and a really stressful job, if we can call it like this.

Conquer life – improve yourself

’’Where should we start?’’, ’’How can we know when we hit the jackpot ?’’ – are only some of the questions to which you will find an answer today … but only if you keep reading 🙂

Are you happy with yourself?

Everything starts when you ask yourself ’’Do I like myself?”.

Just a simple question and yet, it gives us a perspective on our lives and who we want to be.

Maybe we don’t really like our job, but we still go there every day and do the same boring thing….only because we don’t know if we are truly happy with the way we are living our life.

If we want to become better, we need to sit down and think about it.

We get nowhere if we do something just because we have to or in order to please others as that doesn’t always make us happy…and then we wonder how we get frustrated and have fights with those we love.

Well, it’s simply because we aren’t happy with our lives, with who we are and we stopped chasing our dreams so long ago that we forgot what the word ’’dream’’ means.

So, come on, take a step back right now and ask this simple question that can change the course of your entire existence: ’’Am I happy with myself?’’

If the answer is ’’no’’, then you need to go one step further and change something in your life.

If you admit you have a problem and you aren’t perfect then trust me, you’re one step ahead on the road to success.

The magic word – Change

Now that you are aware of the fact that you don’t like something and you want to be better – what happens next?

This is the hard part because you need to change or do something different.

Obstacles will appear at every corner, so don’t be disappointed, we can’t all get straight A’s on the first try. I think it’s hard to improve and get in touch with that better version about which everyone is talking about.

So, I think I might be able to give you some guidelines with the things that helped me to spread my wings and fly.

How to be betterSelf-improvement Tips

From my experience, I can already tell you that being a better person takes a lot of effort and determination.

If you are ready to take a risk, try something new (buy a few motivational sweatshirts) , take up a hobby or push your limits, then you’ re on the right path.

How can you do this? Well, here is a piece of advice that might help. [wp_ad_camp_1]


The first time I started meditating was a few years ago and it changed my life for the better.

Aside from the scientific benefits that everyone is talking about: decreases blood pressure, boosts your immune function, decrease anxiety, stress and depression, improves memory, lowers your oxygen consumption, reduces cortisol levels….there are certain things you start noticing about yourself after meditation.

The truth is, it helps you become more focused in general and feel at peace.

It gives you a new perspective regarding the world and society because self-awareness is increased. Self-confidence is boosted and you just become happier and grateful because of the little things in your life.

Yes, happiness increases your awareness and with this comes many advantages: controlling your emotions better is just one of them….but I think I would let you discover for yourself what meditation can do.

So, why wait? Give it a shot! I can guarantee, from my experience, that it certainly works….and indeed, it makes you better.

Go beyond

What are you afraid of? Some of us fear bungee jumping or travelling by plane…but guess what? We are all afraid of something….and the best way to become better is to try to fight your demons. I always seem to find it funny when the things that made me scared and unsure of my powers turned out to be the ones that shaped me towards having the life of my dreams.

What are you waiting for? Try to go beyond your limits and fears. Say ’’no’’ to the box you were stuck in and explore new possibilities.

Be unique

Unique glass shape building in Prague
Unique shape building

I know, it’s hard to find a voice in a world where everybody seems like they have it all figured it out. Perfect family, amazing job, awesome friends…and it looks like you are accepting something less fantastic than that. Well, what stands behind this is the fact that you’re not unleashing the true potential of your heart and you lost your creativity.

One rule everyone should always remember: Be yourself!. No matter how crazy or stupid it looks to you, what you draw, compose or write may help someone in need…and also you, to achieve greatness.

Accept your mistakes

Okay, let me tell you something: You have the right to make mistakes. I know that you want to unleash the powers that are hidden, but sometimes, in this long process of spreading your wings, not everything will be sunshine and flowers. There are moments when we make mistakes and the important thing is to accept them.

Think about science: at first, people said that the Earth was flat and others argued with them. In the end, it turned out that the Earth was actually round. Accept the change and the fact that you might not always be right if you want to evolve into your best version.

Break the bad habits

Destroying what was created in many years it’s hard work. Your brain is wired in one way and you have to create new circuits. Old patterns will try to stay in your way, but don’t listen to those annoying voices that would always keep you stuck in the past.

Live in the present and strive for a better future. You are your worst enemy and your best friend. In this case, be a friend…and destroy what doesn’t bring benefits in the long run.

Lights, camera, action!

Now, that I showed you how to become a butterfly and come to see the light from the cocoon, you are stuck in…my job is over. It is up to you what you want to try or not. Keep in mind – do this because you want to, because of your intrinsic motivation.

This article is meant to make you see what you can do to become greater, expand and live a happier and more fulfilled life. Go on, put everything into action.

Don’t take my words for granted. I can assure you if you follow my advice you will become better in time.

It’s up to you!

In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can develop and break the barriers of fear, but never let the world dim your shine. Be yourself and speak your voice.

Personalise what I said in your own style and no matter what you do, keep this in mind:’’What you do with your life is up to you’’. I might give you self-improvement tips, but I can’t apply them in your place.

I hope you can find a reason strong enough to change something in your life and always strive for the better.

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