Shavers and hair clippers

Shaving has been around for millennia. Different tools and methods were used, according to the period in time and the resources at hand.

For example, people were using:

  • A kind of tweezer made from two shells to pull out hairs
  • Sharp copper tools that led to the invention of early razors
  • Threads – pulling the hair through 
  • A sugar paste with effects similar to using wax

Shaving was an efficient way to get rid of parasites and keep clean. Ancient Egyptians are notoriously known for shaving their heads and the whole body as it was believed the hair was considered unclean from a religious point of view.

Modern times brought a variety of tools that can be used for grooming, be it male, or female. Since the razors were invented and entered in use, manual razors were invented leading to the highly performant electric shavers today that can be used safely in the comfort of your home.

Types of shaving include:

  • Wet shaving – done on  wet skin 
  • Dry shaving – the skin doesn’t need any special preparation before shaving
Phillips hair clipper QC5002
Phillips hair clipper QC5002

What’s the difference between shavers and hair clippers?

Shavers are used for getting rid of unwanted hair or beard trimming. Meanwhile, hair clippers are used for haircuts and hairstyling. 

Hair Clippers are used by barbers and hairdressers to take big chunks of hair when they create a new haircut. They use professional hair clippers.

One might be tempted to use a hair clipper and attempt to shave by removing its attachments. This is not advisable as you risk injuring yourself by clipping your skin. 

More and more people today choose to buy their own clippers and do their own haircut at home to save time and money as well. These hair clippers are designed for home use and come with instructions

Shavers and hair clippers come in different types based on:

  • Having a cord
  • Cordless
  • Battery-powered
  • For professional use
  • For home use
3D Floating Shaving Head - Provides fast and clean shaving
3D Floating Shaving Head – Provides fast and clean shaving

What shavers brands are there?

The shavers market is extremely competitive with producers all over the world. The most popular brands are:

When you decided that you need one, a review site might help you buy the best electric shaver. Follow the link and read some good reviews.

Hair clippers – best brands

As with the shavers, hair clippers come from different brands, the most popular being the ones above. Also adding:

However, when choosing a hair clipper it’s important to base your acquisition on verified reviews from trusted websites where people talk about their first-hand experience. 

Ask a professional hairdresser for their advice. Sometimes the brand means nothing. The quality, the ease of use, and more importantly the safety is the most important criterion when choosing a hair clipper to use at home.

For people that are sensitive to sounds, like the ones falling under the autistic spectrum, choosing a silent hair clipper is essential.


Where can you buy shavers or hair clippers?

These products can be found :

  • In electrical shops
  • In supermarkets ( some supermarkets have their own brands)
  • In specialized grooming salons that also have items for sale
  • At hairdressers
  • Online on varied websites
  • Directly from the brand that produces them

The advantage of picking your item from a physical location, such as shops, is that you can touch the product and have a feel of it. You might be able to see it in use.

Buying online is easier as you avoid time spent driving/walking to and from a store. Comparing reviews, watching videos uploaded with these items being tested, should then replace seeing the product physically.

Sensory haircut solutions – Ultra-quiet hair clippers

Ennsu – suitable for smaller children

Andis Master Clipper – suitable for all ages

Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro – recommended for beginners

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Clipper – has a special pivot motor named Whisper Quiet

How much are hair clippers?

With so many models and different characteristics, it’s hard to say what the cheapest price starts from. In some countries, own brands can start just under 10$ or its equivalent in Euros or UK Pounds. The prices will gradually grow in their hundreds.

Care and maintenance tips for hair clippers

Care and Maintenance tips for hair clippers

  • Hair clippers are sturdy and they can last for ages. Professionals using these tools in their daily work repeat the same advice over and over: Oil your clipper’s blade and it will last years.
  • Oiling reduces friction, and the blade doesn’t pull your hair. It also avoids heating up and burning your skin. 
  • If you want your device to remain to perform at the top follow these steps:
  • Pour a drop of oil, each time before using the clipper, along each side of the blade.
  • Add another drop in the middle while the blade is running.
  • Also, add one drop on either side where the moving lower blade touches the fixed upper blade.
  • Let the oil travel by moving the razor.
  • Allow excess oil run out, away from the motor by turning the hair clipper so that the blades point downward. 
  • Turn off the clipper and pat away the excess oil with a cloth or paper towel. Check that there are no fibers stuck on your tool. 
  • After a haircut remember to wipe away loose hairs with a stiff bristle brush then followed by another oiling to prevent surface rust. Remember to use only the oil recommended by the manufacturers to avoid causing a skin reaction.
  • If your clipper begins to make an annoying “chattering” noise, take a screwdriver and tighten or loosen the adjustment from the side screw until it stops, then continue in the same direction another half-turn. This is something that was pointed out by users of clippers with magnetic motors.
  • Clippers can take a significant amount of battering, however, even a single drop on a hard surface can instantly kill a motor or damage the housing enough to make the clipper unstable. 
  • If it happens and you drop your tool, you should straight away check the blade for any bent or especially damaged teeth. A broken tooth will injure the skin badly. 

These tips apply for shavers as well, with some small differences.

Now that you read some more information about shavers and hair clippers, you might want to follow up with reading other users’ reviews before deciding on what device and what brand you should buy. 

A good idea would be to watch tutorials on how to use the hair clipper to do your own haircut at home, to get ready for your first use of your new acquisition.