4 Steps to Take If Your Car Breaks Down

A broken-down car is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Between electrical issues and problems with the engine, you might not even know why your car breaks down!

When your car breaks down as you’re driving to a destination, it can make you feel panicked. 

But staying calm is the most important thing you can do if you’re faced with needing vehicle repair. Before you let your mind race with thoughts about cost or what went wrong, put yourself in a relaxed mindset. 

Now that you know that staying calm is important, you need to know what else to do if your car breaks down. Keep reading for more information. 

1. Pull to the Side of the Road

Getting out of harm’s way is necessary if you notice your vehicle beginning to fail. 

Depending on what the issue is, your options for pulling off of the road may be limited. For example, if the brakes in your car have lost their function, coasting until your car comes to a complete stop in the safety margin is your best bet.

2. Make You and Your Vehicle Visible

After pulling to the side of the road, making you and your vehicle visible is the next step when your car breaks down. This includes:

  • Turning on your hazard lights
  • Wearing a bright colored shirt or vest
  • Propping open the hood
  • Flying a flag or waving your arms
  • Placing reflectors or cones (if available) around your car

Making sure that you and your car are visible helps other drivers know to give you space. If your car breaks down in the middle of the road or an intersection and you notice a police vehicle, you can wave them down to make you seen.

3. Call for Help

Going off of the intersection or middle of the road example, calling for emergency assistance is necessary if your car breaks down in said locations. If your vehicle is blocking traffic, car collisions are much more likely to occur.

Should you be pulled to the side of the road and are unable to afford the costs of calling your insurance company, www.fixmycar.io is a great place to call for help. 

4. Evaluate the Issue

While you’re waiting for help to arrive, you can calmly assess the problem. Look for visual things that may seem out of the ordinary, such as fluid leakage or burn marks that were not visible prior to your car breaking down.

Additionally, try to remember if you saw any warning lights on the dashboard before you pulled over. This information can help when a mechanic arrives.

Aside from visual signs, try remembering unusual smells or sounds coming from your car before it stopped functioning. Even if you are unable to estimate the source of such smells or sounds, it’s useful for the mechanic to know.

If Your Car Breaks Down

Keep these four crucial things in mind if your car breaks down and remember to remain calm at all times. 

Pull over to the side of the road if possible, make yourself as well as your car visible to others, call for help, and assess the problem while help is on the way. It’s so important you know these things because a breakdown isn’t expected!

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