How to Take a Good Photo: 5 Factors That Will Enhance Your Photography

Did you know that 1.2 trillion photos were taken in 2017? 85% of those photos were taken on smartphones. 

An overwhelming majority, 90% of people, take photos exclusively on their phones. Research conducted by Google suggests that over 93 million selfies are taken on Android phones each day. 

There were 660 billion photos taken in 2013. By 2017, with the increasing popularity of social media and mobile photography, that number grew to over a trillion. 

If you enjoy photography and want to learn how to take a good photo, keep reading to learn some tricks that will help your images stand out. 

1. Composition Is Key 

If you’re wondering what makes a good photo, the composition should be one of the first things you think about before snapping a picture. The techniques of composition you should use will differ depending on the subject matter.

Symmetry is something to think about achieving, especially with the architectural type of photography. Negative space is another element of composition that can make your photographs stand out. Negative space is the space surrounding the subject of the picture; use that space to create a unique image. 

2. Take Photos From Different Perspectives

A great photo might require you to change perspectives. Instead of taking a photo at eye level, offer another way of looking at your subject. You can try shooting your subject from above or below. 

Take a photo of something small from a low angle to make it feel taller and play with perspective. Capture photos of a beautiful meal from a high angle to highlight the artistry of food. 

3. Lighting Is Everything 

The lighting you use in your photo can determine the mood and intention of it. It can add dimension and texture to make a simple photo more interesting. 

Contrasting light can emphasize a specific object in your photo to indicate its importance. You can play with the exposure in a photo setup to move the viewer’s eye to a key element in the photo. 

A ring light photo booth can capture friends and family’s bright and happy energy coming together in celebration. 

4. Color Is Important 

You can capture some lovely photography by paying particular attention to the color. Color is especially great at conveying emotion in a picture. You might want to express feelings of nostalgia; you can use warmer colors to do this.

Contrasting colors will make your photos pop. You can also play with saturation when you’re in the process of editing your photos. Make sure that you aren’t over saturating your pictures because this can make them lose their intended meaning. 

5. Find the Right Distance 

There are many basic tips for taking good photographs, and one of the best is to pay attention to the distance between the camera and the subject of your photo. When you want to capture the small details of something, taking some close up shots is a great option. Larger scenes, like nature, are best captured from a distance. 

Follow These Tips to Capture a Good Photo

There are many tips you can follow to capture a good photo. Using different perspectives and lighting are essential. Check out some of our other blogs to learn more.