Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China

China is a country with a massive potential for personal and professional development. It’s no wonder that many students and experienced professionals decide to take the leap and start a new teaching career in this incredible country.

Teaching English in China is a good idea for young graduates in search of their professional identity. This is a massive opportunity to find out if a teaching role is suitable for you as China is one of the safest teaching destinations out there. It could potentially lead to a whole different career in a large company as teaching others involves :

  • the use of excellent communication skills
  • reading between the lines to assess each individual’s needs
  • lots of planning and report writing
  • a personality that catches the audience’s attention
  • a proactive approach and adaptability to sudden changes
  • high interpersonal skils
  • leadership
  • keeping a tight schedule

Teaching in general equips individuals with the most desired skills that employers seek in their potential employees.

More than the job offer, this new life opportunity would expose you to a different way of life, an ancient culture that must be explored. There are many historical objectives, galleries, and museums all across this immense country to investigate. Moreover, you can explore magnificent natural trails, see the pandas, and savor the best tea in the world.

Teaching in China without a degree

Can someone teach English in China without a degree?

The location and the educational environment for each tutor/teacher position dictate if a degree is required to teach English in China. More formal education in a state school or some private schools will require professionals holding a Teaching Degree and some pedagogy experience. In some cases, having a Degree unrelated to teaching is still considered an advantage when applying to teach English. Native English speakers would be advantaged in such situations.

As a native English speaker, the chances to land an English teaching job without a degree is relatively high; however, you still need to be a high school graduate.

Your personality, the way you communicate with young learners, will be the way the interviewer will assess your suitability for the role. The capacity to adapt to your students’ needs, think fast on your feet, and adjust your teaching to suit less able students or to stretch the higher ability ones is one of the most important teacher characteristic anyone looks for in their potential new English tutor.

Where can you teach English in China?

When thinking about the educational setting in China, one can choose between:

  • State schools – they will require a Teaching Degree, a minimum of two years teaching in a similar background experience, and a working visa.
  • Private schools – a Degree and a TEFL certificate may be required, but no request for previous teaching experience.
  • International schools – similar requirements as state schools but easier to access than state ones.
  • Private tuition centers – TEFL certificate is a must; however, no degree or previous experience is required.
  • Online schools – experience in teaching is not necessary, but they look for technology-savvy individuals. Holding a TEFL certificate might be needed.
Native English speaker teacher in China

In terms of the geographical location, looking for tutoring positions in larger cities is the best option as the demand for English learning is higher than in smaller towns.

Most of the advertised teaching in China cities are:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzen
  • Guangzhou
  • Harbin
  • Hangzhou
  • Xi’an

How much do you make teaching English in China?

Depending on your experience, the type of school chosen, and the job location, an English teacher or tutor can expect a pay range between 1000 to 2000 USD (or its equivalent in British pounds).

Teaching English in China requirements

To work in a full-time position in China, you will need to request a working visa – Z visa. Obtaining the visa before starting your work is a legal obligation.

If someone offers you a teaching job without the Z visa, you need to question yourself if the work is genuine. You might get caught breaching the Chinese law ending up in more trouble than it’s worth. To find out more about teaching in China, visit ChinaByTeaching.

In conclusion teaching English in China without a degree is still possible, especially if you are a native speaker. Non-native speakers might be asked for more evidence of their English knowledge.

A good idea is to approach your moving in China to a teaching role by gaining experience while teaching online. This way, you gain valuable insight into the recruitment process, how well you perform in front of a class, how students respond to you and developing pedagogical skills.