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Unusual jobs in the UK

Believe it or not, it is possible to switch to a more fun job in the UK. In Great Britain, there are lots of unusual jobs and people who are able to do them, according to a study made by Unum.

For this kind of jobs, you won’t need special skills or qualifications like the ones you need to be eligible for other positions. Some of these strange positions are professional queuer and pet food taster, which means that the UK is full of weird occupations that don’t exist elsewhere. 

Here’s a list of the best paid unusual jobs in the UK. Check it out.

1. Professional queuer

Some people do this of job that consists basically of waiting in line for somebody else. It is one of the best-paid jobs for doing nothing as the worker receives around 12 thousand pounds only for standing in line.

For example, a while ago, a woman from San Diego named Brianna Lempesis, was in the line to get the iPhone 6S for, maybe, somebody who didn’t have the time to queue up.

Some people, then, decide to pay somebody to overnight for them in case of a new device launch like a Smartphone or the release of a new film. There are actually agencies from which you can hire a professional queuer for ‘only’ 20 pounds per hour.

People in a big queue
People waiting in a queue

2. Bed warmer

But being a professional queuer is not the strangest job in the UK. Bed warmer is weirder and better paid.

Some hotel owners are so concerned about comfort that they hire people to warm the beds before a room is booked.

Bed warmers act as if they were hot water bottles. Their Payment? 16 thousand pounds!

3. Pet food taster

Some premium brands of pet food make sure that the products can also be consumed by humans. This is the main reason for the mere existence of this job: pet food taster.

Their job is to smell and taste the food. They usually get paid in the neighbourhood of 20,000 £. Not bad…

4. Waterslide tester

This is one of the jobs that are not only strange but extremely easy to perform as it doesn’t require special skills. The only thing you need to know is how to swim because you will be sliding in water all the time.

If everything turns out Ok, the waterslide tester rates the slide, according to how much adrenaline he/she felt. They can earn up to 20,000 £ a month.

Water slides - aerial view
Water slides – aerial view

5. The Ravenmaster

Believe it or not, six ravens happily reside in the tower of London. People have believed for centuries that if these birds leave one day, it will mean the total collapse of entire England.

There’s a raven master who takes care of these blackbirds, making sure they keep healthy and well-nourished. This guy gets 21,000 pounds per month.

6. Vibration consultant

This job is about regulating the levels of noise and vibration when they are building. They usually team up with engineers and architects and are always in the construction zone. Payment? £22,000 so far.

7. Eel ecologist

They take charge of these animals which are endangered in all UK. It’s a very tough job because they have to deal with eels that weigh no less than 2kgs. Their payment, however, is quite good: £22,000 for now.

8. Pet psychologist

The title may make you laugh but the job is actually very serious. Pet psychologists analyze the behaviour of pets to find solutions for their owners.

Incredibly to say, to perform this job, you will need a PhD and you also have to be an experienced vet. £23,000 is the minimum salary of these specialists.

Chocolate labrador

9. Cool hunter

Cool hunters are always on the track of things they think people would like.

This is a very important job for many companies in the UK since it permits them to know what is going on in the market in order to create and launch products that consumers will surely love and buy.

10. Golf ball diver

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those golf balls that hit into the ponds in the links?

Well, there are special divers that swim into them to “rescue” the golf balls. They can also fish them.

The payment is not bad either, as they can make up to 25,000 pounds.

Golf ball
Golf ball

11. Professional tea tester

This job is as glamorous as it sounds. Tea tasters are travelling all the time tasting over 300 cups of the beverage per day in different restaurants and companies.

12. Beefeater

These people that earn around 25,000 pounds per month are the guardians of the Tower of London. They can also act as tourist guides sometimes.

But what makes them famous is their distinctive red uniform. Yet, becoming a Beefeater is not easy, you will need to serve in the army for over 22 years.

13. London Dungeon actor

London Dungeon is considered one of the main attractions in the UK. Actors have to disguise as Jack the Ripper and other Victorian characters and act out to entertain the audience.

They receive 30,000 pounds to do that.

14. Walk on water architects

Due to over-population, architects have had to use their imagination in order to draft houses and build them in places that they never thought of. That’s why we have houses that can float on water in the capital city.

Baca architects are the original creators of the amphibious houses in the UK.

15. Sewer flusher

The payment is good but it’s only for people with a stomach of steel. Either way, someone has to do it for a monthly amount of 45,000.

16. The Queen’s piper

If you want to get paid 48,000 pounds, the only thing you need is to play the bagpipes every morning close to the Queen’s window house.

17. Windows cleaner for the Gherkin

These people have an income of 50,000 pounds per month.

The job is kind of risky and consists of keeping the Gherkin clean, which is one of the iconic buildings in all the UK. It’s made of 7000 panes of glass and is 180 meters tall.

Thus, 9 cleaners are necessary to finish the job within 10 days.

London - The Gherkin and a red bus
London – The Gherkin

18. Chief listening officer

This job is to read reviews and comments from people about your brand or the company you are working for.

Chief listening officers are always using social media, Facebook, Twitter and others for a monthly pay of £61,000 which is three times the minimum wage in the UK.

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