Do waist trainers work?

What makes an attractive body in relation to women today is different from what our ancestors thought.

From the Early Ages of humankind, relics show female bodies with voluptuous forms. A woman’s beauty was the ability to bear children so it’s no wonder that this beauty was transferred into art by showing curvaceous forms.

Ancient Greeks created the first corsets used equally by men and women to achieve an elegant posture.

During the Middle Ages, things have changed quite a lot, and women are portrayed as ethereal beings, slender and pale.

Starting with the sixteen century, the corset came back into fashion in France. A corset was used by ladies (and sometimes by some gentlemen) to achieve a smaller waist and to push the bosom up. 

Corsets were created from soft materials and were laced up tightly with the help of a maid. In time the corsets started to become stiffer and stiffer, whales bones being added to push and compress the waist.

In Victorian times the craze to achieve a wasp figure became an obsession. The corsets were extremely tight resulting in crushed organs and bones and all in the name of beauty.

The idea of using waist trainers evolved from here. It started with corsets being laced up gradually tighter to reshape the waistline and decrease its size. 

In 1939 a woman entered the Guinness Book of Records – Ethel Granger. She became famous for achieving the tiniest waist measuring only 13 inches due to the extreme tightlacing. 

In modern times the lingerie became less restrictive and today there are all kind of options for women that want to achieve a slender figure all under the name of shapewear:

  • Shaping bodysuits
  • Spandex briefs
  • Waist trainers – cinchers
  • Body shaper shorts
  • Corsets
  • Body shaping belts

What are waist trainers?

Under the name of waist trainers, we can add any type of shapewear that is used to reduce the waistline.

Waist trainers also known as cinchers became very popular a few years ago being used and reviewed by celebrities and influencers. They seem to have achieved the desired results by training their waist to reduce the area between the ribs and the hips.

What do waist trainers do?

These items are designed to help reduce the waistline by applying constant pressure over a period of time, hence the name of the trainer. It “ teaches” the waist to reshape.

They can also be used as shapewear under the garments when going outside. This depends though of the style and the thickness of the cincher.

What do waist trainers do

Waist trainers – how do they work?

The material used for these is firm so that it can exercise pressure on the body. The majority of waist trainers have adjustable closures and come in different sizes.

When starting to use one of these, the person will use the first line of straps to close the trainer. Now it needs to be worn daily in order to keep the abdominal area tight with the idea to reshape and reduce it in centimeters/inches. The hours of wearing need to be built up gradually starting with two hours a day. In time the hours can be increased.

When some difference is noticed, the waist trainer can be tightened by adjusting the hooks. Usually, there are three levels of adjustment.

Wondering about what waist trainers do to your body?

Producers advise to wear a waist trainer if you want to reshape your waistline They claim that this is what waist trainers do to your body:

  • Improve posture 
  • Reduces back pain 
  • Aids slimming 
  • The ones made of latex stimulate perspiration
  • Claims to reduce the appetite
  • Reduces muscular tension
  • Visible instant body shaping when worn 
  • Reduces the waist size over time

The results will differ from one person to another of course.

Following the producer’s guidelines on how to wear these is very important. Follow your body’s response to the pressure you are applying to avoid damaging your health.

Let’s explain some users’ reviews about why waist trainers are bad.

  • Wearing a waist trainer excessively may lead to constant strain over your muscles, organs and ribs. This can result in bruising, pain, and deformed bones.
  • Your breathing might be affected due to the constant pressure.
  • Develop redness, soreness, and bruises around your tummy area.
  • It will irritate the skin – as a result of chafing or too much perspiration.
  • Can affect the blood circulation in that body area
  • The results might not be worth the pain

However, as mentioned before, taking things step by step and wearing appropriate products have a reduced risk for your health.

Waist trainers - how to wear

How to wear a waist trainer

There are few different waist trainers to wear for different occasions that will dictate on how to use it:

  • Waist trainer for daily wear – made of a stretchy material, with three rows of clasps to adjust. This can be worn over your clothing when at home or under a T-shirt when outdoors. It’s the best waist trainer for everyday use.

It looks a bit bulky but it’s suitable to wear under sporty clothing.

  • A latex waist trainer – the material it’s made from makes a bit more restrictive as is firmer. It increases the amount of sweat and is suitable for someone that follows a weight loss diet. If used whilst doing exercise, it accelerates the slimming process and we can safely say that it is the best waist trainer for weight loss.

This waist trainer can be worn directly on the skin. The latex makes it less of a bulky item and could be used under clothes when being outdoors.

  • The fitness belt – is the best waist trainer for exercise. Made from neoprene, this belt facilitates perspiration, is comfortable to wear at the gym, or when exercising outdoors. It’s suitable for both sexes and is the most popular one for people that want to get fit faster.

Its material is smooth and can be worn under clothes even when going shopping or at work.

Before you go ahead to buy yours you should check this site containing the best waist trainer reviews where they analyze these types of products. Or, if that’s you, you can check here for the best waist trainer for plus size women.

How effective are the waist trainers?

Celebrities and women around the world praise the astounding effects of wearing a waist trainer.

Kim Kardashian publicly shared her beauty routine and her opinion on wearing such an item and followers were quick to follow her trend.

New mums use the waist trainers to get in shape after giving birth and everyone seems to agree that it’s a fast way to lose centimeters/inches from your waistline without too much fuss.

The vast majority of reviewers are happy with their cinchers and they are ready to say that the discomfort of wearing it surpasses the results. 

However, it’s worth saying that wearing a waist trainer for a short period only will not do miracles. Having a healthy balanced diet, exercising, and wearing a waist trainer will change your body shape in time and will keep in check the unwanted fat rolls.

Cleaning and maintaining your waist trainer

Daily wearing your trainer will saturate the material with sweat so it’s important to clean it regularly.

To avoid losing the compression force of the material in your clincher, you need to handwash it in warm soapy water and air dry it.

For this reason, it is recommended to have two pieces of waist trainers in order to alternate between them.

What type of stores sell waist trainers?

Waist trainers can be found in Walmart, in fitness-related shops, in some pharmacies, and even more conveniently, online. 

Online, you can buy directly from the producers, through AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay.