Ways to make your life easier

10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier (They’re pretty simple)

Maybe 10 ways to make life easier are not enough. Let’s keep it real, life is sometimes hard to live; even those things that seem pretty simple can turn out to be difficult to do at a point. But, we can’t say there aren’t ways to make life even simpler for us, those methods exist and this article is about them. Of course, these ways are like a summary of all the possible hacks you could use to make life easier.

Nobody’s been able to decode life yet. Some claim that life is not complicated because it’s about being a good person and treat your peers the way they treat you. The truth is that each person has their own way to live life. But, let’s start with the tips that can make life less complex (you may not agree with some of the following points).

  1. Listen to others

Listening to other people’s suggestions and advice is a wise way to endure the problems of life. Whenever you have a problem or you have to make a very important decision, resorting to somebody older and more experienced than you is always a good decision.

But when do you need to listen to others’ advice? Well, there are countless reasons why you should ask for a piece of advice. For example:

  • When you have a problem

Don’t complicate yourself and ask somebody reliable and older than you why you should do to sort out the situation. You might ask your mom, your dad, your older brother or a friend you consider a wise person. Don’t discriminate but when it comes to looking for a way out to a problem, people whose life is a role example are always the most appropriate ones to come out with the best recommendation.

  • When you’re about to make an important decision

Life is about decisions. Decisions like getting married, getting a job, traveling, determine your destiny. Marriage is supposed to last forever. A job is supposed to be a great leap to take in your career. Travelling can break you away from your family. That’s why this type of action should be first consulted and talked about with your relatives and friends after sleeping on them.

Listen to others
  1. Organize your agenda

Having your own agenda is definitely one of the first things to do to make life more endurable. Take notes of everything you’re planning to do. Read the following recommendations:

  • Wake up very early, take a marker and write everything on a whiteboard (one of my aunts used to do this when their children were kids. She would write the shopping list every single day as well all the chores they had to do while she was out)
  • Write short-term plans: what you’re supposed to do later, tomorrow, next week and next month. That includes your daily shopping list and things related to housework. If you’re a businessperson, your short-term list should include the meeting schedules, pending phone calls, emails, text messages and other errands concerning your job. If you are the owner of a company, things are much more complicated, well; life may turn unbearable if you are disorganized. The key to success is to be organized and level-headed before proceeding to carry out a plan or such like.
  1. Meet new people and befriend them

Life is easier when you have friends. True friends will be always available to help in case you need assistance, money, a piece of advice or when you need a shoulder to cry on. However, choosing friendships is a hard art to master.

Many people are double-faced, hypocritical, liars, or selfish. It’s difficult to ascertain it at a first sight, but it’s recommended to learn how to deal with friendships tactfully to avoid disillusions and further issues. The same applies to family members, considering that some families have broken bonds because of a lack of communication.

  1. Read books

Reading books is the best way to keep ignorance away from your life. Life is actually easier when you become acquainted with many things, topics, trends, and, more. Why? A good reader is always hard to deceive. A good reader combines two essential elements that define a wise person: knowledge and experience.

When these two elements converge, it’s much easier to deal with life stuff and decisions are not so hard to make. A person who reads is always willing to take some risks, the risks that he/she thinks are worth it to take. There are risks that are not worthwhile whatsoever.

Unfortunately, life is harsh with many people because they don’t read; they don’t educate themselves every day. Reading is one of the most underrated things as many people consider it something unnecessary for life.

Read books
  1. Relax

Life is about being active, working, having a family, doing errands, studying, getting a degree, practicing sports, but it’s also about relaxing and knowing when taking a break is a must-do. There are strong reasons to keep the head cool and relax before you do anything:

  • Life decisions are better taken with a level head: don’t make decisions when you are out of control, angry, hungry, or anxious. Make them when you have peace of mind, when your ideas are clear enough and avoid doing it when drunk. Go to the park, take a walk, watch the birds fly, there’s some evidence that the brain works better when there’s no pressure, especially if the decision will have an impact on your life.
  • Listen to music: Listening to music is the supreme way to keep it cool. As said before, life is easier when stress is just a passing thing and not priority. Music causes a positive effect on the brain cells, which leads to relaxation in crucial moments.
  1. Single-task

Avoid making things more complicated than they really are; single-task instead. There are certain things in life that can be completed in a simple tweak.

  1. Avoid procrastination

There’s no doubt that procrastination is a vicious circle and one of the most difficult habits to kick.

  1. Eat healthily

Although you will never be totally safe from getting sick, eating well and working out are hands-down two things that must be included in your daily routine. Eating well will keep you from serious health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases that are currently killing millions of people.

Schedule your meals. Eat at least four times a day. Avoid fries and eat vegetables more often to keep your body in good condition.

Working out will help you gain confidence and keep you fit as well. But how can those things make your life easier? Simple. You will be saving lots of money by having a balanced diet and being healthy, plus life is much simpler if there’s enough self-confidence considering that a good self-esteem is one of the keys to succeed and widen your friendship circle and influence.

Work out at least 3 times a week. If you’re single, the gym or the park may be that place to meet your better half.

Eat healthily - learn new skills
  1. Learn new skills

Learning is something intrinsic to life. Believe it or not, we learn something new every day without realizing it. One of the things we should learn is how to cook. If you know how to cook, you won’t depend on anyone or you won’t need to get married (if you’re a man) for your spouse to prepare dinner for you.

Learning new skills opens the doors of independency. It will also help you get better jobs, have a better income and pay the bills without delay. You can learn new things:

  • By talking with people: you can learn a lot from somebody. We, to a certain extent, are dependent on one another. Talk with people with skills that are of interest. Ask them about it, take notes and try them.
  • By surfing the Internet: Internet is definitely the new door to the world. It’s possible to study, get a degree and much more by only surfing the net and paying attention to tutorials and readings. The only thing you need is time and maybe, more dedication and organization. While the Internet is something completely virtual, it’s gaining more and more ground in all the aspects of life, especially in this generation. The advantage of being born in the Connection Era is the easiness of communication and the availability of material and information that can eventually serve as life hacks.
  • By reading: reading again. Yes, you can find useful books on the Internet or borrow it from a library. Self-help books are good but it all depends on what you are looking for. The truth is that you can learn lots of things by reading. Remember that the action must be the complement of your reading. You will get nowhere if you don’t apply what you read and learn. Learning and Doing are two different things but go hand-in-hand.
  1. Avoid watching TV news

Being an informed person is very important but it matters a lot the information received, also the channels from which you inform yourself.

Out of the desire to attract as much attention as possible (and make more money), the televisions present sometimes headlines and reports that can affect you from an emotional point of view.

For example, a news story about street riots is ok. But it becomes unpleasant when you see people shot or killed on the street, vandalized shops, fires, violence or other atrocities.

These are certainly not the only ways to make your life easier, but there are some important ones. If you start choosing one by one and follow the advice, your life will most likely become easier. As I said, they are pretty simple. These solutions do not require much from you but you need the will to fulfill them.