Why is the sky blue? ( for kids )

“Do You ever wish you could be a child again and see the world through their eyes? Why is the sky blue for kids?

What is so special about those things around us that makes children so happy about, while we can only see the bad side of them? 

There is a short story which can provide us with the key to this miracle:

Last night, the little Jessie was sad because the winter had been too long and everything around her had grown so grey and colourless. Suddenly, a shiny fairy set on her window and gave her a magic stick. She said: You can colour the world as you wish with it, Jess! You only have to gently touch things, so they can turn out exactly the way you want them to be. The little girl took the magic stick and found herself flying, for the joy She now had, gave her butterfly wings. Everything was nice and shiny again, until the moment her mother woke her up: it was time for school!

The nice dream ended suddenly, as the harsh reality woke her up. Reading stories to children can help them better understand the world around them.

A child can notice the good and beauty in everything, he is able to see beyond the grey and coldness of a winter day,  beyond the sadness and worries of every other day of adult life. 

He is enjoying a car ride without any worries about the traffic or getting to work on time, he can turn a rainy day into an adventure, by jumping into the water…

He is happily receiving the affection from everybody around,  without feeling the need to question it or expect too much of them.

He will be glad to help you in any way, without expecting too much in return. He is probably doing many things, mostly with no awareness, but the joy he feels is surely worth it.

Kids at the farm
Kids at the farm

Later on, in school, children learn about responsibility, which is a rather good thing, if we do not tend to feel its pressure all the time, to feel responsible about too many things so that it becomes a real burden to our lives.

But the worst thing that is taught in our schools nowadays is a challenge!

Challenge can create ambitious people, but it can also make them mean and selfish, always searching to aim their goal, no matter at what costs.

People are sometimes so motivated to win, so that they would do anything or even hurt anybody, in order to reach their goal: becoming a winner and be highly appreciated in our society.

This is one of the battles we have to face in real everyday life.

A young man runs away

If we are not good enough (the best and smartest) in all the things we do than we fear we could lose the respect and appreciation of our fellows and coworkers.

Are we not able to let go of the bad things our lives and try to enjoy the other little miracles that come across us, from time to time?

We can always enjoy the freshness of a nice morning, a bird or any other cute creature we notice on our way home…

We can listen to some nice music or read a good, relaxing book in the evening, or listen to children playing and laughing.

I guess this is the little secret that kids want to tell us about their nice world: we can only enjoy life and its beauty if we are able to escape reality, even for a few moments.